5 software to control a PC remotely

remote pc control software
remote pc control software

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

Here I will not show you how to hack a computer remotely. But i will show you how to help a friend or loved one from a distance or have documents without moving. Let's take a closer look.

We have seen with the period of confinement that we have known that it was very practical to work from home.

If you go to the office and work on a computer, you can very well do it from home.

To access your files from home, why not install remote control software ? You can also install one of these software on a loved one's PC to avoid having to travel to repair your pc.


With Anydesk, you will be able to control a computer remotely, that is to say display the content of the screen, use the mouse and the keyboard, install software, etc. It is quick and easy to use.

AnyDesk has the advantage of being a portable tool: you can use it from a USB stick, and thus always have it with you ready to go. It also offers some cool features, like automatic screen resolution adjustment.

AnyDesk works on multiple platforms and operating systems: Windows, Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Download AnyDesk

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin has been around for many years, and its simplicity makes it a ideal tool to help someone from a distance. No installation is necessary: ​​after downloading, you launch the application, and it is thanks to an identifier that you can link your computer to the one you want to access remotely.

Ammyy Admin is only available for Windows.

Download Ammyy Admin


UltraVNC offers a particularly interesting module if you are looking for a one-off solution: the simple Click.

Just download UltraVNC, and authorize the remote control. As soon as the connection is lost, UltraVNC uninstalls itself. no traces, no risk of an unwanted takeover: it is a simple and clean use of software that deserves to be better known.

Like Ammyy Admin, UltraVNC only works under operating systems Windows.

Download UltraVNC


VNC is a bit the dinosaur remote control software. A little less intuitive than Anydesk, it makes up for it by being both complete and efficient. Two software must be installed: VNC Server on the remote computer, and VNC Viewer on your computer.
Handling can seem cumbersome, but once configured, VNC is extremely reliable and allows for smooth control.

VNC is completely free and available on many platforms like macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi but also iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

Download VNC


The best for the end, TeamViewer is the best known software for screen sharing or remote control. TeamViewer no longer needs to prove itself.

Unlike Ammy Admin, the installation of TeamViwer is necessary on all the devices you wish to use. You can also take advantage of mobile applications on Android and iOS to control your computer from your phone.

TeamViewer is perfectly functional under Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS as well as under mobile systems Android and iOS.

Download TeamViewer