Top 5 Google Chrome extensions for anonymous surfing

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Last updated: January 2, 2023

Chrome is arguably one of the most popular browsers. It far exceeds Internet Explorer and Firefox. Indeed, it is faster and easier to use. Its only drawback is the lack of anonymity.

While browsing the Internet, we sometimes need to hide our identity due to online censorship, escape our company's HTTP filter or even surf anonymously.

You should know that there are mainly two ways tobe anonymous on the net. The first is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while the second is touse a web proxy.

In this article, I'm going to share with you the top and best Chrome extensions for the anonymous surfing. You can use them to achieve your anonymity. They are specially designed to preserve the privacy and anonymity of those who use them. The main advantage of using an extension is that it is easy to install. Simply install the extension in the browser to browse in anonymous mode.

Hello Better Internet


Hola is a great extension for bypass HTTP filtering. It provides a solution that is extremely easy to implement to bypass the geographic filtering implemented by certain companies and services on the Internet.

Hola is like a faster, free version of Hide My Ass, TunnelBear, or Hotspot Shield. Hola offers you a free VPN P2P which allows you to transparently modify the country of origin of connection recognized by websites, to circumvent censorship when sites are inaccessible in your own country. Free, the application is financed by the addition of advertisements on the pages visited.

Download Hola Better Internet

Switchy proxy

Switchy proxy

Proxy Switchy! is a free extension that allows you to easily manage a proxy. This extension allows you to access your favorite websites at work and home, which are usually blocked under normal circumstances. Proxy Switchy also lets you enable proxy for specific web pages and lets you quickly browse profiles by creating your own profile and configure settings accordingly.
Proxy Switchy allows you to do several other things such as: support for SOCKS v4 and v5, monitoring proxy changes, backup and restore options. This is a very practical module to add to your Chrome browser.

Download Proxy Switch

Chrome ZenMate


Zenmate is a free extension. It encrypts all your browser traffic, unblocks geo-restrictions and protects your privacy by encrypting your connection and protecting you from all kinds of spies and hackers in the simplest way possible: it takes care of everything for you, so you don't have to worry about anything. It offers unlimited traffic. The company behind Zenmate plans to introduce paid accounts and it will limit traffic from free accounts in the future.

The performance of the Zenmate VPN extension is excellent with perfect fluidity when accessing websites. This VPN extension for Chrome offers servers in New York, Frankfurt, London, Zurich and Kowloon (Hong Kong).

Download Zenmate

Chrome proxy helper


By default, Chrome uses the system proxy setting (IE proxy settings on Windows), but sometimes we want to configure the proxy ONLY for the chrome browser, not the whole system. The proxy helper extension uses proxy API natively to add a proxy. It is simple and quick.

Download Proxy Helper



FoxyProxy is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and easily manage proxies. This extension allows you to configure several servers to quickly switch from one to the other in the event of a default connection failure. It allows you to register a proxy easily thanks to its quick addition form or in one click as it is possible to do via the site.

Download FoxyProxy