Top 5 anonymous French browsers

anonymous french browser
anonymous french browser

Dernière mise à jour: 27 mai 2022

Browsing the internet is a source of exposure of personal data to commercial, abusive or even malicious uses. This is why many software publishers have become interested in protection of the privacy of internet users by developing software that makes it possible to browse more or less anonymously, or to protect against digital marketing activities (marketing profiling in particular).

Find out which are the main anonymous French browsers and why i think TOR right now the best browser to surf the web anonymously.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is an internet browser allowing you to use the internet via the anonymous parallel network Tor.

This is the highest level ofanonymity possible when browsing the internet. Tor Browser was developed from the Firefox browser but browses the internet using the onion routing protocol. The operation of this protocol does not allow a visited website to be aware of your IP adress.

Because this browser allows you to access the darknet, it suffers from a bad image among the general public, because it is suspected of promoting illegal activities, particularly piracy.

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Brave is a browser open-source which natively took into account the protection of user data. This internet browser makes browsing more secure by blocking advertisements, cookies and ad trackers.

It has utility for make oneself anonymous with regard to the protection of browsing data: digital marketing companies will not be able to record your different browsing activities and associate them with a trackable profile that can be used for advertising purposes.

In contrast, the Brave browser does not allow you to browse anonymously : the sites consulted know your IP address.

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Firefox natively offers a so-called "private" navigation mode. the private browsing mode is a feature that clears the cache of cookies, trackers with each new private browsing window closed.

In this mode of navigation, the different websites cannot create long-term histories of your different navigations, which prevents the user from being profiled on the internet by digital marketing companies.

This internet browser also offers the possibility of embedding numerous extensions blocking cookies, advertisements, advertising trackers, or specific sites. Some of these extensions include Adblock ad blocker, AnonymoX IP address anonymizer, Ghostery cookie blocker etc.

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Epic browser

Epic browser is a privacy-focused web browser. It was developed by Hidden Reflex from Chromium source code.

Its interface is very similar to the famous Google Chrome because it is based on the same architecture, but unlike the latter, it number the navigations, bans cookies and trackers, prevents ads from appearing, and routes searches on Google through a proxy.

While browsing, the minimum amount of data is temporarily stored. Epic has removed all Google tracking functions (Googletracking) and is preventing users from being tracked by sites visited.
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Personal proxy server

Un proxy server creates a shield between your computer and the outside world. This is software whose function is to protect the computer from external attacks.

Among the means of protection, proxies can hide the user's real address by interposing themselves between the user and the visited site.

There are also proxies which are available online on the internet through websites which act as intermediaries: these are anonymizer sites. There are many anonymizer sites around the world. These sites are used to circumvent censorship in countries that practice it.


Un VPN (for virtual private network) is software that connects the user to the visited site by isolating the connection and its content from the rest of the Internet network in order to protect them from prying eyes. This allows you to pay securely on the internet.

Most VPN servers are paid: they require investment in hardware from the companies that offer this service. However there are a few that offer a service free VPN for a limited amount of data. Among these Free VPNs, we find WindScribe which has the merit of being free and very easy to use.