Do a Google image search under Android

google image search
google image search

Dernière mise à jour: 16 mai 2024

You have just received a photo on WhatsApp, Facebook ou Twitter, showing something extraordinary and you want check the authenticity of this photo ? In this article we will show you how to do a google image search Android.

Search by image with Google Lens

Let's start by seeing how to go about it if you are ever sure Android and you probably quickly noticed a problem at this level. Indeed, it is simply impossible to do a reverse image search via the mobile version of the browser.

Luckily for you, there is an alternative solution called Google Lens. It is obviously an application and you will first have to go to the store to download it.

Recherche par image Android with Google Lens

Public chat Android,  there is a dedicated Google Lens application accessible from the Play Store.

This application is presented like a phone camera Android : it allows you to take a photo, but also to view the images saved on the smartphone. Once the photo has been chosen, a simple menu offers several functions: translate the text (if the photo contains it), search for information on Google, find similar photos, among others.

  • To use it, simply download the app and install it.
  • Once that's done, simply open the Google Lens app.
  • And when you come across an image that sticks out your head, you're going to have to hold on to it for a few seconds.
  • You are then offered a whole bunch of options, including doing a search with Google Lens. Obviously, select this last option as well as the type of search to perform.
  • You will then have the choice of taking the entire image, or only a small part of it that you wish to find.
  • Once it's done, validate and you will have the results that will appear at the bottom of the page.

However, this is not necessarily the solution that we will advise you to use. Indeed, very often, the results offered by Google Lens remain less precise than those offered by the Google Image tool.

Therefore, what we are going to suggest you do is to discover in the rest of the article how to go about it to be able to use this Google Image app for your reverse searches and thus find any image.

Finally, also keep in mind that like any application from Google, the privacy policy says the app may keep information about you to provide you with content that interests you.

Search by Google Lens image on iPhone or iPad

Currently, Google Lens does not have its own dedicated app on the Apple App Store. Instead, its functionality is integrated into theGoogle app.

This application gives you access to a whole range of Google services on your iPhone, including stock market information, personalized news, as well as a complete suite of tools google search, including Google lens.

Install the app and you'll be able to use Google Lens with your camera, as well as search for images already saved in your camera roll.

  • To start, download the latest version of the Google app from the App Store.
  • Once that's done, simply open the Google app.
  • A Google Lens icon appears in the search bar. Tap it, then provide the app with the necessary permissions to access your camera.
  • On the next screen, tap the images icon at the bottom left. The application will ask you for your authorization to access your photo albums. Press OK.
  • Finally, select an image and tap the Google Lens icon, located at the bottom of the screen. Below the image, similar photos and other information will appear.

Use the computer version of Google chrome

As we have just said, it is unfortunately not possible to do a reverse search via the Google search engine of the mobile version, but it is however possible to do so by changing a setting.

Using the computer version of the Google Images site allows you to find the origin of any image. This version therefore makes it possible to carry out a image search Android for all the photos on your phone.

To do this, I invite you to follow these few steps:

  • First, launch the Chrome browser on your mobile then access the google images site.
  • Now click on the vertical three dot icon (top left)
  • Scroll through the options until you come across a checkbox that says “ use desktop version”. The desktop version of the Google Images site will be displayed.

  • Click the camera icon on the right side of the search bar. This will open the menu Recherche par image.

Several possibilities are then available to you:

  • Copy then paste the URL of the image you want to search for,
  • Upload an image from your smartphone – Click on “Choose a file” and find the image on your phone Android.
The computer version of Google image search
The computer version of Google image search

After importing the image, the image results will be displayed.

Use the mobile Chrome web browser

There is another method of search by image under Android using the built-in function of Google Chrome phones.

Indeed, Google gives you the possibility of searching for images similar to those found in the Google search engine image database. This feature is available in the Chrome app (on Android, iPhone or iPad)

  • To use it, simply launch the Chrome app to search.
  • Tap the image you want to search to open a larger version.
  • Touch and hold the image. In the dialog box that appears, tap Search for the image on Google.
    Search by image on Google Chrome mobileSearch by image on Google Chrome mobile

And There you go ! It's that simple and in just a few minutes, you should be able to do a reverse image search, whether it's a photo search, or any image in fact.