How to block advertising on your Android smartphone?

remove youtube flat design ads
remove youtube flat design ads

Nothing more annoying than the pop-up ads that are definitely everywhere. They're on our TVs, on the streets, online, and now on our Android smartphones. Yet it is quite easy to block them.

AdBlock Plus is a small free and open source software, well known to Internet users: it prevents the appearance of advertising windows in the browser. Its publisher has just unveiled a version for Android. It takes the form of an application to download and install on your smartphone or tablet. On terminals equipped with Android, Adblock blocks all ad that displays by itself android  when you surf in wifi without the need to be in Root mode.


Adblock Plus blocks in general: mobile ads, video ads, banner ads, notification ads, ad displays, HTML5 ads and more.

You can download Adblock now from the official site. And to know how to configure Adblock Plus on Android and block advertising on your Android smartphone, visit the following link: