The best online office suites and tools

the best online office tool suites
the best online office tool suites

The office suites are today an essential tool for individuals and businesses. Here we are going to see the best online office suites and tools.

Tools for doing basic office work such as writing letters and reports, arranging appointments or accounting for invoices. You will not need to install any specific software on your computer. Now everything happens in the Cloud or almost.

Free Office Online

Microsoft is the leader in office suites. The Microsoft's online office suite is perfect if you are used to working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, this online suite offers fewer functions than the offline office suite but remains largely up to standard for current uses (ie 99% of users).

Office Online understands word processing Word Online, the spreadsheet Excel Online, the PowerPoint Online presentation tool, and the OneNote Online note-taking app. A Microsoft account is all you'll need, with a mobile version available.

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Prezi offers online presentation tool complete with many possibilities, just like Power point, with the difference that the presentations that come out are much more original.

The creation part is particularly well thought out: the user chooses (or not) a model, then models its presentation with images, symbols, shapes, music, files, etc.

If you're tired of soporific slide shows, want to impress your coworkers, or just feel bullied by the limitations of PowerPoint and the like, give Prezi a try. 

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Stoodle is a tool that allows create virtual whiteboards for the teleworking collaborative.

Stoodle offers you a whiteboard, to share with the people of your choice during a meeting. It is an incomparable tool for give a lesson remotely, help students or work with others around a problem. Draw, write, comment, everyone can make their contribution. An integrated chat system allows you to communicate in writing, but you can also equip yourself with a headset / microphone to chat live voice.

Apple iWork for iCloud

Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), also offers its own online office suite, now open to everyone, whereas a Mac was required to use it previously.

The creation of an account, obligatory, is done free of charge, and without having to enter his bank details, as can be the case for other services of the firm at the apple.

iWork is not there most complete online suite, but it will delight the adapters of the clean interface specific to the Mac environment.

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You must

Available on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web browser…), T Is a powerful task Manager, shared or not, for organize your work, events, a birthday party… The free offer is more than sufficient for effective use in most cases.

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Merge PDFs, extract precise pages, convert them to jped images, Excel or Word file to PDF, add watermark, compress PDF file, in short: almost everything you can do with your PDFs, for free and online, is done on the ilovepdf website. Very intuitive, the service is taken in hand in a few seconds.

To save in his favorites without hesitation.

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