Repair damaged excel file easily

excel repair
excel repair

Last updated: September 4, 2023

Unable to open your Excel file ? When you open your Excel document, you get an error message saying the file format is not valid? Do not panic ! For a few years now, there has been software for repair files Excel damaged or corrupted.

In this tutorial we will see first what are the causes of this problem, then I give you two solutions that may be useful to you.

What causes a corrupt Excel file?

Usually a damaged excel file under Windows expresses a problem whose origin can be diverse:

  • Sudden shutdown of the operating system is one of the most common causes.
  • Excel file may get corrupted during Internet download.
  • Lvirus infection can also cause file corruption.
  • A hardware failure.
  • A problem with CD / DVD media.
  • Un software malfunction can also result in corrupted file.

How to repair corrupt Excel file?

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a program that you helps repair corrupt Excel files. It incorporates powerful algorithms which are designed to recognize the cause of damage, repair it and recover data with utmost skill.

Once the damaged file has been successfully repaired, you can find the data that was there namely formulas, merged cells, rows and columns and many more.

The software supports all Excel file formats: * .xls, * .xlt, * .xlsx, * .xlsm, * .xltm, * .xltx and * .xlam

The application repairs your tables, your columns and rows, your spreadsheets or your data and formulas are retrieved and exported to a new file.

Repair Corrupted Excel File in Three Steps

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is easy to learn and lets you repair your Excel files in just three steps.

Step 1: Download and install the software

You must first download Recovery Toolbox for Excel. Install the software and launch it.

Step 2: select the Excel file to correct

Browse the damaged file which needs to be repaired and use the hassle-free GUI that will guide you to repair your damaged file.

Step 3: save or export the new Excel file

After the repair process is completed, you can preview repaired file to check the effectiveness of the tool.

Click on Start recovery then save the recovered content by selecting:

  • Export to Excel - if you want to export the data to a new spreadsheet
  • Save to file - if you want to save the data in a new file.

If you are satisfied, you can purchase the full version to get the ability to repair and save unlimited number of files.

Repair Corrupt Excel File Online

Recovery Toolbox also offers online service to repair Excel file. It is the easiest to use, simplest and most accessible service. On the other hand, you will have to pay $10 to repair a single file. This online service works on all platforms and operating systems (WindowsIOS, Android et MacOS).

To repair damaged Excel file online, you must do the following:

  • First, access the service at the following URL:
  • Choose an Excel file by clicking on the “ Select file »
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the characters shown in the captcha image.
  • Click on " Next step"
  • Wait a few seconds then click on “ Download » to recover the repaired Excel file.