4 essential digital tools for back to school

The school entrance is here! But how can you easily track each student’s grades and work? With today's technology, there are digital tools which make our task easier.

In this article, we will talk about four of these tools. For parents, teachers and even students, it's super useful.

ClassDojo: for effective communication

Let's start our list with ClassDojo. It's not just an educational app, it's a complete platform.

Its main objective? Facilitate communication between teachers, students and parents.

One of its flagship features is the ability to allow parents to monitor their children's day in real time.

Technical points to consider:

  • Multi-device platform: ClassDojo is accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • Enhanced Security: ClassDojo uses advanced encryption to protect information.
  • Customizable: Teachers create virtual classes and personalize avatars.
  • Reporting functionality: Teachers share regular reports with parents.
  • Digital portfolio: Students keep and share work, photos and videos.
  • Real-time translation: ClassDojo translates messages for non-French speaking parents.

Why adopt it? It ensures a strong link between school and home and simplifies learning.

Teetsh: the complete classroom management tool

Teetsh is not a simple platform. It's your daily digital assistant. It anticipates your needs as a teacher. In addition, it centralizes essential functions.

This makes classroom management child's play.

Main features:

  • Easy creation of timetables, adaptable to various situations (multi-level, single-level, etc.).
  • Quick design of the diary notebook based on the schedule.
  • An interactive gradebook with advanced features like automatic calculation of averages and graphs to track a student's progress.

Why adopt it? Teetsh optimizes teachers' time by automating many tasks. It is the optimal tool for effective educational monitoring.

Google Classroom: centralize school resources

After exploring Teetsh and ClassDojo, let's move on to another essential tool: Google Classroom.

Why is it so popular? It simply makes life in class easier. In the blink of an eye, teachers and students can share assignments and resources.

Plus, everything is neatly stored in one place. By linking with other Google tools, collaborations become easy and quick.

Main features:

  • Integration with other Google tools.
  • Distribution, collection, and grading of online assignments.
  • Simplified sharing of resources.

Why adopt it? It offers a single platform for all course-related needs, making it easy to track and collaborate.

PrimTux: The ideal free digital tool for primary schools

Finally, among the educational tools, special mention for PrimTux.

The result of a union between passionate teachers and IT experts, this Linux distribution has been specially designed for primary schools in France.

Free and open source, it effectively modernizes school computers. A real breath of fresh air for the educational environment.

PrimTux Highlights:

  • Educational and customizable: Much more than just an operating system, PrimTux offers a range of ready-to-use educational tools. The teacher is free to shape this environment as he wishes.
  • An enriched catalog: If the range of free tools already included is not enough, teachers can easily incorporate other free software into the selection.
  • Various applications: From geometry with DrGeo and GCompris, to music with TuxGuitar and MuseScore, to office automation thanks to LibreOffice suitable for schools, PrimTux is full of resources. Utilities such as VLC Media Player, GIMP, and Audacity also find their place, making this OS complete for all school activities.
  • Navigation and graphics: For digital projects, tools such as Firefox, Qwant Junior and Krita are available.


Back to school doesn't have to be synonymous with stress. With these digital tools, teachers and students are well equipped for a smooth and productive school year.

So, ready for a new start?