How to make a fake PDF that won't open?

Looking for a way to make a fake PDF file ? Then you've come to the right place. No matter what reason you want to corrupt a PDF file, you can refer to this guide.

Here in this article you will learn how you can send a fake PDF that won't open and, how you can protect a PDF file with ease.

Why make a fake PDF?

This then raises a question: why make a fake PDF? For these kinds of questions, there are two answers that seem to come to mind quite quickly. The first is a question that will affect security.

Indeed, the idea could for example be to deceive potential hackers or people searching your computer. Thus, we put quite attractive fake PDFs easily accessible on our PC.

Fake PDF Error
Fake PDF Error

When the malicious person clicks on it, he will then find himself in a rather bizarre position with fake PDFs which will therefore absolutely not open for him. The idea is therefore that it will end up losing interest, especially if several fake PDFs are almost in the same place and will let you go. But the other reason for wanting fake PDFs is quite different.

A trick to save some time

Because yes, for some, make fake pdf, it is above all an excuse that will serve to save time. This trick is quite common, whether with your teachers and bosses. You are given a very basic situation. Your boss or teacher asks you to turn in an assignment for a date. While you are the day before or the same day, your work is far from over.

You would then like to have an additional 24 hours to be able to finish and get a good grade. So the trick is going to be to send a fake PDF and tell your interlocutor that the problem therefore comes from his computer.

File Destroyer 2.0
File Destructor 2.0 Interface

For this, there is a very simple site, which is called File Destroyer 2.0. This site has a basic interface, but devilishly effective. Here the idea is simple, you enter the type of folder you want, its name and its size.


Then you just have to download your corrupted attachment which will therefore never open. Just send it by email and wait for the response from the person opposite. Once she tells you that the attachment isn't working, pretend a computer problem and send her your finished work.

The limits of the fake PDF technique

On paper, this fake PDF technique is flawless. Except that in fact, if the person opposite has a minimum of knowledge, it may quickly fall into the water and then you will be in trouble.

Indeed, it is for example a technique that you are strongly advised not to use on several occasions. Because inevitably, after a while, the person in front of you will understand this fake PDF scheme. Also there are something that may indicate your cheating to the person in front, it's file size.

Indeed, you will never arrive in advance to reach the stack weight that you sent to your correspondent.

Therefore, by comparing the two weights, he could understand that at least you have made changes to your file. This is how he understands that even if there was a problem, you saved time.

Therefore, this technique of fake PDF, although it is effective from time to time, do not abuse it or the situation will turn against you without you expecting it. This is even more true if the person in front of you has already used it.

Protect your PDFs with a passcode

Well now that we have seen the main reason why people make fake PDFs, let's look at the other case which is much rarer, that of people who do it for protect files.

Admittedly, this fake PDF technique can work, but again, if the person in front of you is at least computer-savvy, it won't take long for them to see that something is wrong.

So she'll often dig a little deeper into this whole thing and that's when she's likely to find out that you actually tried to get her. Except that your files are not protected.

Therefore, in this case, what we will advise you is that rather than making fake PDFs, you simply have to harden your sensitive files with passwords. It's quite simple and only takes a few minutes.

Here's the procedure to follow:

  • Open the PDF document in AcrobatDC.
  • Go to Files.
  • Choose Protect with a password.

    put password on pdf
    put password on pdf
  • Type the password and validate.

That's it, from now on your PDF files will be secured using a password that only you and the people authorized to open the file will know. So you no longer need to do fake PDF.


In summary, making fake PDFs, if it's to protect your computer, it's not the best. On the other hand, if it is to rip off a file rendering, it can work. Keep in mind however that it could turn out to be a failure and you will have to suffer the consequences.

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