How to modify and edit a PDF file without software?

edit pdf
edit pdf

Last updated: November 13, 2022

Editing a PDF file can be a difficult task, especially if you do not have good software. However, there are some tricks you can use to easily bypass this restriction and edit your PDF without any problem.

In this article, we will see how to edit a pdf file without softwarel and make the process as easy as possible!

Edit a PDF document online

When a PDF document is created, it comes with a set of properties that cannot be changed without the appropriate software and password (if one has been set). However, with the right tools, it is possible to make changes to a PDF file.

This can be useful if you need to fill out a form that is only available in PDF format or if you need to make changes to a document you received in PDF format.

Quick and easy edits for all PDFs

There are many online services that allow you to edit a PDF file easily and quickly.

Here are some online PDF editing tools:

Here we will use ilovePDF, because it is completely free. With this service, you can crop, rotate and resize your PDF, as well as add text, images and signatures.

You can also use IlovePDF to merge or split PDFs, convert PDFs to other formats or protect your PDF by password.

Whether you need to make a quick edit to a document before printing it or want to make more extensive edits, the tools we mentioned above are very handy to have in your editing arsenal.

Here's how to edit your PDF using

  • Click on " Edit a PDF »On the home page.
  • Select your file on the computer.
  • Your document will appear with an editing functions toolbar on the right side.
  • To add text, click on the “ texts", then click where you want to insert text in the document.
  • You can also erase an area by clicking on “ Clear“. Or, highlight passages, annotate, etc.
  • When you are finished making your changes, click “ Edit » at the bottom right, then on “ Save"

So ! You have succeeded in edit your PDF.

Convert PDF to Word so you can edit it

You may find it necessary to convert PDF to editable text format, such as a Word document, and then transform it back into a PDF.

The process is relatively simple and can be accomplished with Microsoft Office if you are running Windows.

Otherwise, the IlovePDF website can always help you. Once you've converted the file to your desired format, you can follow similar steps to reverse the process and create PDF from editable text file.

This can come in handy if you need to make changes to a document that is only available as a PDF. Following these steps can save you time and effort in the long run.