Quickly separate PDF without installing anything

separate pdf
separate pdf

Last updated: July 17, 2022

You want to separate PDF file but you don't have the right software on your computer?

Want to send a PDF file to a customer, and want to delete pages that contain confidential data?

Note that the Google Chrome browser allows you to split PDF files large files into separate, smaller files in seconds. It is possible to separate PDF file by page interval or extract all pages into multiple PDF files.

How to separate PDF with Google chrome?

Google Chrome has two PDF functions which, combined, make the operation extremely simple. The trick is that Google Chrome not only knows how to open and display PDF documents, but also save what it displays as PDF. It is therefore sufficient to exploit these two possibilities.

So to split a PDF with just a few mouse clicks, you must first:

  • Open the PDF file with the Chrome browser (drag and drop the file into the browser window).
  • Start printing with the shortcut Ctrl + P. A window will open as follows:
    Separate PDF with Google Chrome
  • Click on the Destination section to change printer, and choose Save as PDF.
  • Then, indicate the pages to extract in the entry area of ​​the Pages section.
  • Click the Save button, and that's it!

Manipulate Google Chrome to separate PDF

  1. To keep several pages in a row, for example from page 4 to 9: write 4-8
  2. To keep a single page: write its number
  3. To keep some pages scattered, not in a row: 1,6,11 (separate by comma)
  4. To keep a few consecutive pages plus separate pages then a single page, for example page 1 then page 6 to 11 and finally page 13 and page 16: write 1,6-11,13,16