What is NFC and how do I use it?


NFC, it's an acronym that we've been hearing more and more about in recent years and above all a technology that is starting to make its way into our everyday lives more and more.

Yet, despite the fact that this data transfer technology is more and more popular and used in many areas as we will see in this article, it is still quite mysterious for a lot of people.

Indeed, if we have all more or less heard of this technology, we do not really know what it is for. For some, it's completely obscure while others know a few things like the fact that it helps with contactless payment, for example.

In this article, we will therefore come back together to the main points to know about these NFCs and especially what they can be used for in the case of our telephones mobiles under Android such as the Samsung Galaxy, for example, which embed this technology via the Android beam feature.

What is NFC technology?

NFC, Near Field Communication, is a technology allowing data to be exchanged at less than 10 cm, between two devices equipped with this device.

It is a very simple method to transfer files between two Android smartphones (photos or videos for example), provided that they both have NFC technology (short-range wireless data transmission).

There are many uses for NFC: a smartphone can connect to a computer to download a file, a television will exchange data with a smartphone ...

How do I know if my mobile phone is NFC compatible?

It is true that before going further in the explanations, in particular on what you will be able to do using this technology, it is important to know if your mobile phone is NFC compatible.

To know this, you have several means. Indeed, the first is to go in search of the program Android beam in the features of your phone, it will then indicate that your phone is compatible.

As we told you earlier, the mobiles of the Samsung Galaxy range are basic NFC compatible for a while, so you will have little doubt if you have a recent mobile in this range.

Finally, you can always check the net to find out if your phone is compatible. Indeed, you will simply have to type its model accompanied by "NFC-enabled?” and you will have your answer in seconds.

How to use NFC on Android?

To start, check if the NFC function is activated on your smartphone. To do this, go to the Settings section.

Now you are ready to share a file. The principle is simple, you must go to the gallery of your file explorer. Where the file to share is located.

Now place the two devices back to back (be careful, you only have a few seconds). As soon as the two devices are in contact, they emit a vibration.

Once the link is established, the device receiving the data displays a notification. All you have to do is accept for the transfer to begin.

It's simple, in the blink of an eye you can transfer files by approaching the two NFC smartphones.

Other uses of NFC technology

As we have just seen, NFC technology is a data transfer technology, but as you can imagine, this is obviously not limited to transferring a few photos between two mobile phones.

NFC technology in identification

NFC is also a communication technology with an external body that can be used for a lot of things and for example to make identification and confirm your identity in seconds.

Let's take an example, that of bus cards or more generally subscription cards that you must scan each time you enter the place where you are subscribed. Well, NFC technology is used very often.

Therefore, once it is democratized, you will only need your SIM card and your NFC-compatible phone to be able to replace all this type of card in your wallet.

Knowing that you always have your cell phone on you, this will necessarily be very practical and you will no longer risk having the classic blow of forgetting your card in your trouser pocket that you had yesterday.

Pay with your mobile phone

Being able to replace all your cards is good, but if we told you that you could turn your phone into a bank card with Android beam and NFC technology, would you believe us?

Well, yet it is the case and you use this technology on your classic payment chip card via a technology that has become enormously democratized in recent years, contactless payment.

In fact, it's quite stupidly a transfer of data between your bank and the organization to which you make a payment and it uses NFC technology. From then on, we quickly understand how we can transform our laptop into a mobile terminal.

For this, some banks already offer services allowing you to save your means of payment directly on your mobile. Therefore, here again, you may soon only needa SIM card to be able to do your shopping and no longer need to bother with cards.

This is one of the great strengths of Android beam, is to ensure that today phones are much more than a communication technology. Indeed, soon, these phones could be used to centralize all your contactless payments, whether subscriptions or even classic payments that were made until now by bank cards.

Moreover, with the development of NFC technology, there is another technology that could disappear, that smart cards. Indeed, the NFC makes it possible to bypass it completely, so to see how this will evolve in the years to come and if your phone will continue to concentrate all these services in addition to its communication technology.

EL JAOUARI is an author and trainer. Passionate about IT security and new technologies. His tutorials have helped many people to better master today's computer tools.