5 tools to compare two French texts online

5 tools to compare two French texts online
5 tools to compare two French texts online

Last updated: July 6, 2022

Today you can find everything on the internet. Indeed, long gone are the days when you had no choice and had to go to the library. You then have to do a long and tedious research work.

With the internet, things are easier, but obviously there are tradeoffs. In effect, le plagiarism is a problem that is spreading more and more and if you ever want to check it, it can be quite complicated to do it by hand.

So, we are going to offer you in this article 5 online tools that will allow you to compare two texts in French. This will then allow you in a few seconds to see if the text you have is original or plagiarism.

Why compare two French texts online?

Compare two French texts online, this is not necessarily what we do most often. But in certain fairly specific cases, it's a simple way to check that someone isn't trying to get you.

Take for example the example of teachers. It happens that fairly unscrupulous students do much more than draw inspiration for certain assignments. They then copy entire sections of the website, passing them off as their work.

With a tool for comparing two French texts online, you will be able to simply and quickly know if this content is indeed original or if it has been copied on the net.

Similarly, for its SEO Google hates sites copying other articles on the net. These sites can then be severely sanctioned.

So, before posting any content, it is recommended to compare two textss in order to check if this text is ever unique.

Text Compare

The first tool to compare two French texts online that we recommend to you is Text Compare. It is certainly in English, but you do not need any knowledge to be able to use it and that is precisely one of its great strengths.

Indeed, unlike other tools that we will see later, Text Compare is very simple. It doesn't give you fifty choices. You copy and paste the two texts to compare and you click on Compare.

You then simply let the tool run and highlight the commonalities between the two French texts you want to compare. In addition, you can have the result sent directly to your mailbox for your convenience.

So it's a simple tool, but devilishly effective if you don't want to compare two texts to the string. If so, you will be directed to another tool in this article.

Link: text-compare.com

SEO Review Tools

We told you about a tool more complete to compare two French texts online, well, this is exactly the case of SEO Review Tools which will more be intended for those who post content on the internet.

To do this, some will hire web editors to write their content. As in all fields, while some are professional, others are less so and may plagiarize several parts of articles.

SEO Review Tools will therefore offer these people the ability to verify that the content provided to them is indeed unique. To do this, they can either copy and paste the text, or simply do search by URL.

But the other advantage of SEO Review Tools in this case is that you will be able to do more than compare between two French texts online. You will also have access to various tools in terms of SEO.

By this term, understand that you will have tools allowing you to better reference your content on Google so that it appears in the first results. A very practical tool.



When we speak of reference for compare two french texts online, how not to mention diffchecker which is clearly the number one in this field. It's simple, it's one of those that offers the most complete offer.

Already, know that in addition to the traditional copy-paste and the possibility of compare two urls, you will be able to import your files here. Indeed, Diffchecker is able to read pdfs and a whole bunch of other formats.

In addition, you will also be able to directly download the Diffchecker application to check the texts without having to go to the website each time. The downside to all this is that these options cost money.

Indeed, this service which compares two texts online, will cost you 5 euros per month. So if you don't have a very intensive use of it, it will surely not be worth going through the purchase box. However, be aware that there is a free trial of 30 days available.

Link: diffchecker.com


Plagiarisma is a online service handy if you ever want compare two french texts online, but you're not sure what you want to compare the first of these two texts to.

Indeed, Plagirisma obviously has the same capabilities as the other tools. You will be able to copy-paste two texts or search by url. But in addition to that, you will be able to search for similarities online.

You will be able to ask Plagirisma to search on Google and Bing if he ever finds content similar to the one you gave him. This comes in handy when you're not sure where to look for plagiarism.

Be careful, to be able to search on Google, Plagirisma will ask you to register first. Do it if you want, or just do your research on Bing which is already giving you results.

Link: plagiarismdetector. net

edit pad

The latest online tool that we recommend if you ever want compare two French texts is edit pad. Here again, as for the first tool on this list, we offer you a soft, refined and intuitive interface.

You will be able copy-paste the text and search by URL, but in addition also open txt, doc, docx and PDF files. It is therefore an extremely comprehensive tool. Once the text has been chosen, let the tool compare the two French texts online.

Link: www.editpad.org/tool/diff-checker


In summary, if you are someone who is simply looking to compare two French texts online from time to time, we will direct you towards edit pad or even Text Compare which are two simple tools.

If you ever manage a website and you want to check the texts that you are given before publishing them, this time it will be towards Plagiarisma or even SEO Review Tools that we will direct you.

Finally, if you are a teacher, we will recommend tools such as Plagiarisma or Diffhcecker to compare two french texts online. That's it, you should now have everything you need.