The 5 best free FTP clients for Windows

ftp software
ftp software

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Le FTP protocol is always useful for transfer files from a computer to a server or from a server to a computer. Here are the 5 best FTP clients which you can download for free.

Un FTP client is a software specialized in FTP transfers. Its objective is to simplify and accelerate the transfer.
The five software presented in this selection are free. No need to shell out money to transfer files. You just have to install them, to perhaps discover your new everyday tool.


There is no comparison: WinSCP is the best free and open source FTP software for Windows. Despite its simple and easy to use nature, it contains several advanced features that can satisfy even the most demanding FTP needs.

Besides FTP, WinSCP supports remote file transfer and file editing using SFTP, SCP and WebDAV protocols. Regardless of what you use, it can synchronize local directories with remote directories.

WinSCP also includes an editor allowing you to modify your files (HTML, PHP, configurations, etc.) directly from the software.
A Shell also allows you to execute commands as if you were in a traditional SSH client.

Download WinSCP


fileZilla remains one of the free ftp software most famous for Windows 10. This program exists in Windows, Mac and Linux version, as well as in portable version (without installation) for Windows.

The main reasons for its popularity are its ease of use and its extensive set of tools. FileZilla allows you to make all kinds of settings, such as setting transfer rate limits for downloading or sending.

There are other handy tools, such as remote file search (with flexible filters and pattern matches) and bookmarks for frequently viewed files and locations.

Download FileZilla


Cyberduck is one of the best alternatives to FileZilla. Its interface is more modern than the others FTP clients. THE heavy file transfers can be easier with Cyberduck.

This magnificent program supports multiple protocols besides FTP, including SFTP and WebDAV, as well as easy connections to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, and Microsoft Azure, among others.

Cyberduck integrates seamlessly with any external text editor, which is convenient for remote editing of web files. It also has a Quick Look feature which allows you to preview files without downloading them. Local directories can be synchronized with remote directories.

More Cyberduck's best feature is its commitment to security. It comes with a feature called Cryptomator, which encrypts file and directory names and smears directory structures. In other words, even if someone intercepts your transfer, they cannot see what you are transferring.

Download Cyberduck

FTP Voyager

Free, FTP Voyager offers a very elegant interface with nice buttons and a ribbon. It allows you to connect to several FTP servers simultaneously, by uploading them to the server of your choice.

Using tabs helps you keep track of FTP servers, easily switching between your connections.

There are also options to drag and drop files, automatically sync files between servers, scheduled transfers, and file transfers to specific folders using file extensions.

Download FTP Voyager


CoreFTP LE is the free version of Core FTP Pro, a premium FTP client for Windows 10.
While the premium version comes with additional features (unattended scheduled FTP transfers, advanced file encryption and decryption, etc.), the free version is very well worth your time.

It supports FTPS, TLS, SSL and SFTP secure protocols. and also integrates the Z compression mode so you will be able to improve your transfer rates and speed up your work process.

Download CoreFTP LE

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