Disable spyware on Windows 10

windows 10 spy
windows 10 spy

O&O ShutUp10 is a portable utility that allows you to control with precision all the information delivered by your computer under Windows 10.

As you already know, Windows 10 uses our data to improve its services as well as for ad targeting purposes.

To block the collection of information by Windows 10, O&O publisher offers O&O ShutUp10 free of charge. From an accessible interface, this small utility allows you to disable many of the sensitive features of Windows 10.

How does it works?

O&O ShutUp10 presents a list of functions that can be deactivated as well as their level of sensitivity by the following color code: green = risk-free, orange = to be considered carefully, red = security risk. It also presents the explanation of each of the features and why it could pose a risk to the user's privacy.

How to use O&O ShutUp10?

First of all, download O&O ShutUp10 and launch the software. Once launched you have the main menu with options sorted by categories.

For each option offered, it is possible to have an explanation by clicking on the line. Some are recommended (yes), others rather recommended but may cause some limitations (limited), others not recommended (no).

Click on the button at the start of the line to modify an option. For security, the software offers to create a system restore point. Click accept so that you can restore your system to the previous state in the event of a problem.