How do I review an old Facebook story?

The Facebook story archive has undergone many subtle changes since 2019 to improve its primary function of storing stories. If the operating principle remains the same, the story has been enriched with the professionalization of the social network and has gained major interest.

The interests of the Facebook story: why archive it?

Stories are a format that is both ephemeral and dynamic, which require regular publication to maintain both impact and audience regularity. It is also the preferred format for influencers who wish to establish and extend their notoriety.

A Facebook story presents major interests that justify keeping it in an archive.

A playful and creative aspect

The main interest of stories lies in the variety of content formats available, with a maximum duration of 20 seconds. This is ideal for maintaining attention and acting as a viewership boost for its creator. It's a format that truly rewards creativity, and some stories can elicit mixed feelings, it's all up to the will of the story writer.

Instead of creating static content such as text or a simple image, you can broadcast a real short animated film. The creative process also respects the stages of creation of any audiovisual production, with post-production during which you can add special effects, texts and stickers.

A way to increase the visibility of your page

This type of publication is in itself a real marketing tool. The advantage of creating a Facebook story and archiving it is to be able to reuse it at certain times, especially for those that generated the most engagement. Plus, your contacts' stories appear first at the top of your News Feed, so it's impossible to miss them. It's the first thing you see when you log in.

There are also notifications that allow you to stay informed of a new Facebook story. This setting is enabled by default.

The arrangement of the stories on your wall is done in such a way as to facilitate their reading. We quickly get caught up in the game of letting them scroll like a slide show. This is why professional brands and large retailers use the Facebook story intensively.

Archiving stories is of particular importance for preservation and later use. The information of the number of visits and the engagement rate is visible even when a Facebook story is archived after 24 hours of activity.

How Facebook story archiving works

The stories you create are dynamic posts with a limited duration. A Facebook story is active and visible for 24 hours only, exactly like on Instagram. Then, it automatically goes into the archive, which allows you to keep a history.

How do I find the Facebook archive?

Depending on the operating system used (Android, iOS or Desktop), the procedure to access its archive is as follows:

For iPhone:

  • First, press Menu at the bottom right of Facebook, then on your name.
  • Tap the three dots ... below your cover photo.
  • Finally, press Archive, And then Archive stories up.

For Android:

  • Press Menu at the top right of Facebook, then on your name.
  • Tap the three dots ... below your cover photo.
  • Press Archive, And then Archive stories up.

For Desktop:

  • Click on your profile picture at the top right of Facebook.
  • Click More below your cover photo, then click Archive stories.

Enable or disable archive

Some users may very well not want the stories not to be kept beyond the 24 hours of visibility. For this, it is possible to deactivate the archive so as not to keep your Facebook story. This is done in a few simple steps.

If you want to activate or deactivate your archive, do the following:

  • Click on your profile picture located at the top right of your screen.
  • Click the More below your cover photo, then click Stories Archive.
  • Choose the settings button (nut) at the top right.
  • Under Stories Archive Settings, choose Enable Stories Archive or Disable Stories Archive as appropriate.

Page story statistics and their archiving

Followers are what keep a social media page alive, just like they do live youtube channel for video monetization. Stories and especially their archiving have a role to play for professionals. Having easy access to the archive is essential for the community manager and marketing team to collaborate on the success of the page.

On a professional page, the statistics actually represent the KPIs (key performance indicators) of your publications, especially your stories. These allow you to perform an analysis over the last 28 days, which therefore includes the old stories located in the archive. You also have other indicators on posts that are still active.

Once the statistics are archived, the photos and videos disappear from the story of the pro page, but remain visible in the archive. To view them, you must be an administrator of the page.

If you want to view your business stories stats, follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon at the top right of your personal homepage.
  • Push the button Pages, then navigate to the page you administer.
  • Then select " Statistics at the top of your Page.
  • Scroll your page content all the way down to the section Stories.
  • Tap any story to see more stats, or choose " See the summary of the 28 days ". Instead, you must press " Enable if this is your first time accessing this section.