find old versions of a website

org archive
org archive is a web service which allows you to find old versions of a website and therefore to travel in the past! Yes it is possible !

This can be used to recover old content from your site. But it can also be used to find confidential information on a website.

Imagine an old, poorly designed, poorly protected website with web holes in it. Over the years the company decided to redo the site and got a makeover. Only, the flaws are still there! 🙂

Perhaps the confidential information found two years ago has never been changed and is still available in the source code today. A password left accidentally at one time may still be valid today!

To use, simply type in the old URL or the URL of a site of your choice, and look for versions several years ago:

org-archives interface has archived nearly 86 billion, corresponding to 65 million websites, in 37 languages. Its database weighs nearly 2 petabytes, or 2 million gigabytes, the equivalent of two hundred times the content of the American Library of Congress.

What's also fun about this tool is watching what it looked like  Digg on May 28, 2005 ou Apple in 1997 or even Google May 08, 1999.