Watch Instagram story without being seen on iPhone and Android

watch instagram story without being seen
watch instagram story without being seen

Public chat Instagram, every day thousands of users decide to share stories. If you are a follower of this social network, you should know that if you watch a Story, the account owner will know it.

However, there have certainly been times when you wanted watch a story out of curiosity without the person knowing. In this case I have a solution for you adapted for iPhone and Android.

This solution consists of using a web service, which allows you to not be seen on the stories.

Watch Instagram story without being seen

Use a third-party website

This method requires the use of an external website. Viewing stories through these web services is not counted in statistics, so the user won't know you've seen them.

Through the site, you will be able to play the spies for a moment.

This service does not require any installation and is very easy to use.

Just enter the name of any user. Then you will then have access to Online Stories for the account in question.

There is no trace left by each of the tools for the owner of the Instagram account, so you can browse with confidence.

However, only stories from public accounts can be viewed without anyone knowing.
The site does not provide access to stories from private accounts.

Click on the next stroy and slide your finger back

This method is unique and a bit difficult; so you have to be very meticulous to get there and see other users' stories without being seen.

  • First start by finding the profile whose sotry you want to see, and click on the profile next to it.
  • While viewing the next story or preceding your target story, carefully slide in the direction of the story you want to view. And hold her in that position without releasing.
  • At this point, you should see the whole story, but without being notified to anyone!
  • Be careful not to slide all the way, because if you do, the user will see that you have viewed it.

The major downside to this method is that you can only see the first story in this profile. Another problem is that it can be easy to accidentally slide down the length - and then the whole exercise will have been futile.