What does "+1 other" mean in your Facebook story

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On Facebook, every day thousands of users decide to share stories. If you are a follower of this social network, you should know that if you view a Story, the owner of the account will know it.

However, you've probably wanted to display the people who have seen your Facebook story. but at the bottom it is marked +1 other. Now you must be wondering who these other profiles are and why Facebook doesn't display their names.

In this article, we will answer this question and also find out if it is possible to see other people on Facebook stories.

Who are the others who appear in the Facebook story?

The other (Others) of your Facebook story are people who are not on your friends list. These certain people can be your followers on Facebook or Messenger who have seen your Facebook story. They are subscribed to your profile or your personal or professional page.

Facebook Story Other

These “other” viewers may also appear if they simply removed you from their friend list for some reason. They can still see your posts if they are addressed to everyone (Public). This is the default setting for most stories.

Block someone you don't know or people you're not friends with from viewing your Facebook story

The mention "others" appears at the bottom of the list of people who have viewed your Facebook story, which is active and visible for 24 hours. Only you can see who has come to watch your stories.

Change privacy settings

You are the only one who can see especially who reacted. This makes it possible to establish, for professionals, engagement statistics, with different levels: blue thumb, heart, surprise emoticon, etc. This is what makes the difference with publications made on the wall, whose reactions are by default visible to everyone.

The "others" can then be identified as spies, who are no longer part of your friends list, but who continue to observe your Facebook story. In this specific case, it may be useful to adjust your privacy settings so that they no longer appear.

Making the changes is done in the following steps:

  • Create or add photo, video or text content to share in your story.
    Create Facebook Story
  • Click or tap Policy at the bottom left of the screen and select the audience:
    • Public : these are your friends and subscribers as well as those with whom you have opened a discussion on Messenger. On the other hand, if all your followers can see your story, only your friends can reply and react to it.
    • Friends : This setting reserves the Facebook story for your friends only. Your Messenger contacts, on the other hand, do not see it.
    • custom : You can allow certain people to see your stories. It is a totally private mode of communication.
      Privacy Story Facebook
  • Validate by clicking on Save.

Hide your stories from certain people

The privacy settings are particularly rich and varied, and also allow you to reduce your audience with precision.

For hide your story Facebook to certain people, follow these steps:

  • As with any change to privacy settings, create your content and click Policy.
  • Click on friends and press " Hide story for ».
  • Select from the list of your friends those from whom you want to hide your story, then click on Save.

Logically, hiding your Facebook story will not affect the "Others" who can continue to watch your confidential publication. This allows you to choose between removing the friend list or simply hiding the Facebook story.

What does "Other" mean in a Facebook story for a Business Page

In a personal page and even more so professional, visitors marked as "Other" in the visit of a Facebook story have a specific function. They can be part of KPI (key performance indicators) to measure the reach of a Facebook story.

This is all the more important in the context of advertising stories, to assess the potential of its audience, customers and prospects. If the advertising Facebook story is public, the "Others" indicate the people who must be convinced, who are not yet subscribed to the page and who, therefore, cannot react.

Creating a business Facebook story or group page is similar to creating a personal page. However, you must belong to the administrators group to be able to upload. Likewise, it will appear for 24 hours.

Stories, especially with the indication "Other", are a good way to measure the audience and its development potential. It is recommended to have a sufficient rhythm of publication and to alternate the stories to attract and maintain the interest of the public. The Facebook business interface has additional features that help you monitor audience changes in stories.

Check the viability of Facebook stories

Stories are still broadcasts that can reach a large audience, including “Others”. If you don't want to control the broadcasts of certain people in your news, you can mute them or reactivate them like a conversation on Messenger.

Mute certain stories

To mute the story of one of your contacts (friends and relations on Messenger), you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the section Stories Top right of News Feed: Right arrow at top of stories thumbnails to view all stories.
  • Select the tile for the person or page you want to mute.
  • Click on the three small dots at the top right.
  • Then click on Put the story of muted, and confirm with "mute"

Mute Facebook Story

Reactivate stories

Reactivating a Facebook story is the reverse operation of muting. To reactivate certain stories, simply:

  • Go to the stories section of the news feed and press the right arrow
  • At the top left select "settings"
  • Just below "muted stories", click the "Unmute" button right next to the name of the person, group or page that is listed.

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