What are the alternatives to Youtube Vanced?

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youtube advanced

Last updated: April 16, 2022

A few days ago, the terrible news arrived. Indeed, following various pressures from Google, it is officially the end of the adventure Youtube Advanced for thousands of people.

Indeed, this application was already not easily downloadable since it was absent from the official stores. It must be said that given what it offered, we understand why this was the case, but it was possible to download it from the official website.

The problem is that as you can imagine, Youtube Vanced was absolutely not to Google's taste, which, when it got wind of it, decided to go on the offensive and quite logically won its case.
So the first piece of news is that Youtube Vanced is no longer downloadable at all starting today. Indeed, the website is simply strictly forbidden to provide the software.

If you've already downloaded it, the good news is that it still works. The worst is that there will be no more updates and that in two years, the service will close its doors for good. SO, in this article, we will help you find alternatives to Youtube Vanced.

What is Youtube Vanced?

Before we launch into the alternatives, we might as well make a first point to recall what exactly Youtube Vanced is and why the application has been so successful as it is with the public.

In summary, it's a free premium youtube. Indeed, it allows you to play videos in the background, remove ads and even download the videos you want to play them offline.

Youtube Premium

Youtube Vanced is an application which was therefore extremely practical, but which overshadowed Youtube Premium and that's probably the main reason Google banned it recently.

Therefore, the first alternative to Youtube Vanced that comes to mind is obviously to go through Youtube Premium. To do this, you will have to checkout since the subscription is €11.99 per month.
A price that may seem very high, even if the offer also offers Youtube Music. If you still want to join, be aware that there is a reduced price student offer since it is €6.99 per month.

Another well-known technique that has been developed in recent months is to go through a VPN to locate in countries like Argentina where the price of Youtube Premium is much lower.


If you don't want to shell out money and still have services that are similar to those of Youtube Vanced, there is another free software that could make you happy quickly, newpipe.

It's simple Newpipe, it's Youtube Vanced with a slightly different interface. In fact, you will find all the main features you had on Youtube Vanced and this is therefore the alternative that we recommend.

However, there is one thing that you will definitely have to keep in mind when downloading Newpipe, which is that this application also overshadows Youtube Premium. There is therefore a good chance that it will be Google's next target.

So keep in mind that it is also very possible that it will no longer be downloadable in a few days, giants like Google generally carrying out several such trials at the same time.

As for downloading, as you can imagine, Newpipe is not available on the store. To download it, you will need go to the official website and download the application file.

Go through Firefox

Finally, the last alternative that we are going to give you is to go through the Firefox browser on your mobile. Indeed, one of the advantages of this browser is that it has extensions even in its mobile version.
This is also one of these extensions that we will ask you to download. This extension is Ublock origin and once loaded, all you have to do is activate it in your Firefox menu.

The big strong point is that these applications of ad blocking much less likely to be blocked, sites preferring to find solutions rather than blocking them outright.

The problem is that with this extension, you don't have all the possibilities of Youtube Advanced. Indeed, you can simply block ads and that's it. See if it suits you or not.