How to remove water from your phone's speaker?

phone water remove
phone water remove

This is the classic situation. While you were at the table chatting, you weren't paying attention and spilled your glass of water. Except that no luck, you have your phone which was right next to it.

In a few seconds, it was found to complement sprinkled with water and as you know, water and electronics don't mix. You are therefore desperate to find ways to avoid the damage.

Well you've come to the right place. In fact, in this article, we explain to you step by step how to get rid of this water that may have entered through the speaker of the device before it damages it.

Water damage on a phone

Let's start by clarifying why we have created a step-by-step technique for you toeliminate as much water as possible which may have entered your phone. In fact, immediately what scares us with water in an electronic system is the short circuit.

Since then, turn off your cell phone if it ever comes into contact with water, it will prevent trouble. But that's not the only risk water brings when it gets into your phone.

No, the water will be able to lead to a phenomenon ofoxidation of the various components inside of it. you won't see the damage right away, but it could lead to the death of your phone.

How to remove water from your phone?

You have understood it, it is important to make sure remove as much water as possible and especially very quickly from your phone if ever this has started to penetrate inside via the speaker.

For that, you just have to follow the technique that we are going to present to you.

Step 1: Shake it vigorously

The first step in dealing with most of the water that has entered or is about to enter your phone is what we will call mechanical action. Here, the principle is very simple.

Once you've removed your phone from the water and turned it off, shake it vigorously, speaker down to get as much water out of it. It is via this step, that you will remove the largest.

Be careful though to hold your laptop securely. Indeed the goal is not to release it and make it crash violently to the ground. There you may be in even more trouble than before the water came in.

Step 2: Use a special video

Once you have removed most of the water, our advice is to turn your laptop back on and go to youtube. There, in the search bar type "Water eject soundtrack ".

You will then have several videos which, via particular frequencies, will allow your telephone speaker to still eject part of the water which is inside.

Step 3: Use a cotton swab or paper towel

While this video is running, what we will advise you is to take a little piece of paper towel or a cotton swab if you have one and place at speaker level from the phone.

By doing this, you will make sure to recover as much water as possible through the absorbency of these two materials. Once that's done, you will have gotten rid of most of the water.

Step 4: Use a hair dryer

The last step that we will advise you is touse your hair dryer. Be careful, do not adjust it within highest temperatures at the risk of damaging your device during the maneuver.

Set it to a lukewarm temperature and no need to blow it out thoroughly. Then switch to your laptop, aiming more specifically at the speaker area for a few seconds. Once this is done, you can use your laptop normally.

In summary, for this technique you must:

  • Shake your cell phone vigorously.
  • Start a video to eject the water.
  • Collect this water using a cotton swab or paper towel.
  • Blow the hair dryer to finish drying the few remaining drops.