The 4 greatest hackers of all time

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Hackers are capable of amazing things. They are able tolisten to telephone conversations, to penetrate computer systems, to know the identity and characteristics of each person they meet.

Indeed, no information is inaccessible to them.

In this article, I take you on an epic journey through the years to uncover the most daring and influential hackers of all time. You will be blown away by the incredible stories and computer exploits of these legendary characters. So get ready to learn everything you need to know about the best hackers of all time!

Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen
Kevin Poulsen
Status  Black Hat Repentant
Username Darth Dante

Today editor-in-chief of wired magazine, Kevin Poulsen has a tumultuous past as a phreaker (telephone, radio and satellite pirate). Most incredible is that one of the pieces against him is a souvenir photo taken by one of his friends, while he was picking the lock of a Pacific Bell telephone exchange! It has to be done…

Before appearing before the judge, Kevin Poulsen fled, and escaped the police for 17 months.

While on the run, he carried out the hack that made him famous. Hijacking the telephone terminals of a Los Angeles radio station, he managed to be the 102nd listener to enter a contest and win a Porsche.

Kevin David Mitnick

Kevin David Mitnick
Status Black Hat repented (today he created his security consulting company).
Username The Condor
  • Hijacked Pacific Bell phone lines for personal use.
  • Break into a Pentagon computer from the University of Southern California.
  • Accessed Fujitsu, Motorola, Nokia, Sun Microsystems systems illegally and stole copyrighted software.

Kevin David Mitnick is certainly the most famous hacker. Its story was staged in the film Cybertr @ que. Several points remain obscure in this affair, in particular the relentlessness of the government towards Mitnick and the heaviness of his prison sentence (5 years).

After breaking into the Pacific Bell voicemail network, he was prosecuted for two and a half years, during which time he proved elusive, and ridiculed the US police. Federal agents suspected him of wiretapping them, because he was always one step ahead of their attempts to capture him.

Finally, he was arrested in 1995 by the Japanese Tsutomu Shimomura, computer expert and former hacker.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon
Status Gray Hat on the loose
Username Solo
  • Penetrated 97 US computers, some of which belonged to the Navy, NASA, Air Force, Department of Defense and Pentagon.
  • Disabled the computer system of an armed naval base after September 11, 2001, a critical period.

Gary McKinnon is convinced of the existence of UFOs, and all of its intrusions into US military computer systems are aimed at finding evidence of it. He also claims that the USA possesses extraterrestrial antigravity technology.

According to the United States, he would have achieved the " greatest military hack of all time ”, And caused 700 dollars in damage.

A British national, he is currently fighting against his extradition to the United States, because he could face up to 70 years in detention if he were to be convicted there.

Le Figaro described his descent into hell: he is a man who “no longer washes, lives in his bathrobe in his apartment, loses his job and his girlfriend leaves”. He spends his days and nights in his bedroom in north London, hacking into American military computers, in order to find information hidden from the eyes of the general public.

Adrian lamo

Adrian lamo
Status Gray Hat
Username The Homeless Hacker
  • Has hacked into the security systems of major companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft.
  • Involved in the Bradley Manning case which revealed classified information about US military activities.
  • Penetrated sensitive US military, NASA and US intelligence security systems.

Adrian Lamo was an American computer hacker, also known by the nickname "The Homeless Hacker". He started hacking into computer systems when he was 16. However, it was by hacking the security systems of large companies such as Yahoo and Microsoft that he became famous.

Additionally, he was also involved in the Bradley Manning case, which revealed classified information about US military activities. He was accused of accessing sensitive security systems of the US military, NASA and the US intelligence agency. Furthermore, he was also known for his actions of hacktivism, i.e. the use of technology to protest against policies or organizations that he considered unjust.

On March 14, 2018, at the age of 37, he was found dead (cause unknown) in an apartment in Wichita, Kansas.