Find and delete duplicate contacts on Android

delete duplicate contacts android
delete duplicate contacts android

It often happens to create duplicate contacts when recording on a compatible smartphone Android. Although this is not a real problem, you can get lost while searching for a contact in the directory.

Fortunately, there are several applications and techniques for detect these duplicates and eliminate them in order to free up space in its directory.

To do this, here are some tips to apply!

Remove duplicates from its directory

The easiest method is to go to your phone book and look for duplicate contacts. Once a double contact is detected, all you have to do is click on the command " Edit number », Then delete the duplicate.

The other trick is to merge the duplicates in order to have a single address for each contact. To do this, it suffices to follow the previous procedure up to the step " Edit ».

Then you have to click on " Associate contacts » to select the contacts you want to merge. These two simple techniques can be applied to a large number of devices Android.

However, when there are several duplicate contacts, it appears tedious to reproduce the same steps for each duplicate. In this case, it will be necessary to choose another faster way for this operation.

Delete your contacts from Gmail email

Gmail also offers a quick way to remove duplicate contacts Android in his repertoire. The process is just as simple.

You must first open your Gmail account via the web browser.

Once on the account page, click on the button gmail which is at the top left of the page to pull down the task menu. When the menu is displayed, click on " Contacts ».

This then allows Google to display all the contacts (email address and phone number) that are linked to the account.

And on the menu page, on the left, there is a command " Duplicates ". It will be enough to click on this command so that Google automatically generates all the duplicates.

The user will finally be able to merge different duplicate contacts.

Using an app Android

Several mobile applications allow you to remove duplicate contacts. Contact Optimizer et Simple Merge Duplicates are, among other things, applications dedicated to this task. Most apps in this category are free and work the same way. Being multifunctional, these utilities are capable of organizing contacts from the entire directory under Android as well as delete detected duplicates.

For example, to remove duplicate contacts with Contacts Optimizer, just download the application and install it on your smartphone.

Then select your Gmail account that you want to optimize by clicking on "Select Account".

Now press "Tap to find dupplicates". This will immediately scan the entire directory for duplicate contacts.

As the process is automatic, it will only take a few minutes. And once all the duplicates are found and grouped together, press "Delete duplicates" and the utility will take care of deleting them.

Finally, there are still plenty of tips and ways to remove duplicates from your directory. However, the applications Android are the most effective for successfully completing this operation.