How to protect a ZIP file with a password?

zip encrypt file
zip encrypt file

Instead of encrypting your important data with a specialized tool, it is possible to use the algorithms offered in the 7-Zip archive creation software. Ideal for hiding files without using too complex tools.

7-Zip is free open source software which allows you to compress or decompress files. It is compatible with many formats and even offers a very powerful compression format (the 7z format). 7-Zip is available in French version. It also allows you to create ZIP, TAR, WIM, etc. files.

How do I put a password on Zip files with 7-Zip?

Follow these steps to encrypt your data with 7-Zip.

Step 1: Download the 7-Zip program

Go to the official website and download the program according to your operating system (32 or 64 bits). If you don't know what type of processor you have, right click in Computer or and click on Manufacturing .

Then choose the folder you want to encrypt with a password. Right click and choose 7-Zip from the menu. From the second menu, select Add to archives. This will open 7-Zip.

Step 2: choose format and compression level

You can rename the newly created file. And here you can choose the format, the level of compression and other technical data that it is better to leave by default. Choose .zip from the "Archive Format" menu, if you want to be able to open your files without having 7-Zip installed.

Step 3: Enter a password for the archive

In the game encryption, enter your password (without accented characters). Note that depending on the archive format chosen you can change the method. Stay onAES-256 safer and avoid the ZipCrypto which can be easily circumvented, even by beginners.

Click OK when finished. Finally delete or move the original so that it cannot be accessed.

Now your archive is protected. Now anyone trying to open it will have to enter the password first.