Repair an archive with ZipRepar

repair zip file
repair zip file

Last updated: December 29, 2022

Nothing is more painful than ending up with a corrupt ZIP archive. Find out here how to repair a ZIP file and thus recover all or part of the files contained inside.

Whether it's an incomplete download (like 99,8%) or a handling error, it's possible to do something with the ZipRepar tool. The latter can repair most corrupt Zip archives.

Even though it only repairs ZIPs, it does it very well and doesn't require installation.

How to Repair Corrupt ZIP Files with DiskInternals ZIP Repair

ZIP Repair is a free utility that helps users extract contents from corrupted archives.

Here is how you can repair corrupt ZIP files with this software:

  • First of all, Download ZipRepar from the official site.
  • Click the Try for Free button.
  • Double-click zip_repair.exe to open the ZIP Repair setup wizard.
  • Click the Setup Wizard Next and I Agree buttons.
  • Now just specify the location of your file and choose the method (quick or thorough).
  • Then press the Browse button in the Repaired File area to choose a folder to save the fixed archive.
  • Click Save to select the chosen folder.
  • Click Next to view the contents of the repaired archive. Select Next again.
  • Then check the box Open archive after closing the wizard

In the end, you get a brand new ZIP which can be unpacked without a hitch. Attention, ZipRepar does not work miracles, no need to hope to recover the files contained in a ZIP finished at 45%.

Repair ZIP files online without installing any software

There are some online tools to repair ZIP archives, however, they are paid. For example, the online tool it'll cost you $3,50.

You can get a corrupted archive repaired on ZIP Repair Online by following the steps below:

  • Access the ZIP repair website.
  • Click Start Your Repair to display the utility.
  • Select Choose File, select a corrupt ZIP and click Open.
  • Enter your email in the address box. Press the Send button.
  • Then you will receive a report which displays the recovered files from the archive.
  • Click Buy Now if you are satisfied with the repair report.