How to make an email confidential on Gmail?

protect gmail email
protect gmail email

Have you ever mistakenly sent a confidential email to the wrong person and wished you could cancel it? Did you want to prevent your recipient from downloading, forwarding or copying the contents of your email?

Thanks to the gmail confidential mode, all these options are now at your fingertips.

Now you can protect an email with a password on Gmaithe. Thus, it cannot be copied or printed, and it self-destruct when you choose.

How to send confidential emails with Gmail?

Available on both iOS and Android through thegmail app, as well as its web version, the confidential mode of Gmail is sure to appeal to all email users who care about their anonymity and privacy.

Activate confidential mode

Log into your Gmail account as you normally would and click on the button New message on the top corner left.

Write your email, add a recipient, a subject line, then click on the icon Confidential mode which looks like a padlock with a clock and is located at the bottom of your window.

Click on it to secure your email, by preventing it from being copied in any way.

Choose the deadline

Your confidential messages are not sent to the recipient's inbox: the recipient simply receives a link allowing them to read your email. This link expires after a certain period of time, to be chosen in Set an expiration time.

Require a code

Once you have defined the desired period, you will have the option to require or not a password by SMS.

Made Save to validate your choices, then Send to send the mail. If necessary, the telephone number of your correspondent will be requested. The code can also be sent by email.

How to cancel a message that you have already sent?

Changed your mind right after sending an email? No problem. Confidential mode allows you to easily revoke access or "unsent" the message.

You don't have to wait for the expiration time. To immediately remove all access to your email, find it in your conversation threads, then click on the link Revoke access suggested below the message.

If your recipient has not yet read the email, they will no longer be able to access it.