Self-destruction of your data with Kali Linux

self destruction of your data with kali linux
self destruction of your data with kali linux

Did you knowdo you know that the KALI Linux distribution has a pretty cool feature that allows you to self-deduce your data?

Since version 1.06, the developers of KALI Linux have modified the Cryptsetup module which serves to encrypt hard drive access to allow users who wish to add an additional security measure: setting up a "trick" password that will destroy your data if someone types it on your computer.

Imagine that your computer is confiscated by an authority, a kidnapper or any person wishing to torture you to gain access to your data: D. Tired of putting toothpicks under your fingernails, you give in and give a password. Not the password that opens your Kali Linux distribution, but an alternate, tricked-out password that will simply destroy your data and prevent your opponent from recovering it.

How does it work ?

This is not to erase anything, as formatting would take far too long to be effective. The aim of the trick will be quite simply to erase the header, the file that stores the encrypted access key to the disk content.

To put it simply, it's like destroying the lock of an unbreakable safe. The data is still present but inaccessible.

To update your kali Linux distribution:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
And for download the latest version, it's here.