The best Meterpreter commands from Metasploit


Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

As you know, after exploiting a vulnerability on a target machine with the Metasploit Framework, a session meterpreter is open, which gives us full control of the machine. But how do you take full advantage of all the commands in this excellent Meterpreter script?

Here we will see the list of the main meterpreter commands that you will need to properly manipulate the system as you want thus using all the power of scripts.

The item " What is Metasploit and how to use it well » clearly explains the tool Metasploit with practical and easy examples. It is very useful to have read it before continuing to read this one.

The main Meterpreter commands


Getcountermeasure allows you to disable security measures such as antiviruses, firewalls, and others.


The gettelnet script is used to enable telnet on the victim's machine.


Checkvm used to see if you are running a virtual machine or not.


prefetchtool allows you to have the 10 programs most used by the target machine.


KillAV allows most antivirus programs to be disabled.


sysinfo displays information about the operating system used by the victim.


Shell gives you the ability to open an MS-DOS dialog box


ScreenSpy a very useful command for taking screenshots remotely.


scrapper allows us to import a whole lot of information on the target (the registry, hash, users,…) onto our computer.


keylogrecorder allows us to start a keylogger on the victim's pc.