Auto-clicker: How to simulate and automate clicks with your mouse?

Last updated: July 17, 2022

Sometimes when you are browsing on a web page, you are forced to click several times on elements and inevitably, it will bore you quite quickly. Indeed, the task can quickly become repetitive.

But as you can imagine, we are on the internet and as everyone knows so well, for each problem, the internet has a solution and allows you to simulate clicks using your mouse.

In this article we will guide you so that you understand what this means, but above all, how automate clicks using your mouse whether you are on a computer or even on a mobile phone.

Indeed, regardless of your platform, you should find the solution that suits your problem.

What is an auto-clicker?

The first thing to know is thathow to automate clicks with your mouse and for that, we will be mainly interested in what is called a self clicker. Indeed, it is the solution that is the best and above all the easiest to implement.

However, it is important to note that if you have a so-called Gaming with buttons, you can absolutely go to the settings of this mouse and match one of the buttons with a number of clicks.

From then on, all you have to do is press this button to launch what is called a macro and make it so you can click multiple times with a single action. But this solution is clearly not aimed at ordinary mortals.

For them, we go install a so called auto-clicker which is neither more nor less than a software that will make your computer or your phone believe that you are clicking with your mouse when you are absolutely not doing it. These auto-clickers can then take several forms.

Install auto-clicker software

The first form of auto-clicker that we will see together is the form of a computer application. In this case, you will simply have to go to the site of one of these software.

The one we recommend is Op Auto Clicker which is extremely easy to use and devilishly effective. And icing on the cake, it is completely free and open source.

Install it, launch it and all you have to do is make the settings.

This will allow you to determine the frequency of clicks and even the precise place on the page where you want them to occur. It is for example very useful in the case of a queue for tickets for example where certain sites ask you for actions at regular intervals under penalty of being ejected.

How to automate your mouse clicks with Op Auto Clicker?

  • Once these settings are made, launch the software and click on the button Registration to record keyboard and mouse actions.

  • Click on the button Stop or press the key CTRL+3 to stop recording.
  • Finally, click the button Litterature to replay recorded actions. Thus, you will see that your mouse cursor begins to move on its own.

Install an extension on Chrome

If you do not want install auto-clicker software for pc for fear of viruses for example or if you are only going to have a use for this software on internet pages, you can then opt instead for a extension on chrome.

Indeed, it is these small tools that it is possible to install directly on your browser and that you can activate/deactivate as you wish if you ever wish to use them.

One of the best known and used is Auto Clicker - Autofill.

Here you will have the same options as for the software, but in addition a very nice novelty. Indeed, if you are used to visiting a site, you can simply save the settings.

So, the next time, you won't have to redo all these settings, you just have to restart the extension by choosing the right backup file. It is not only useful, but also very practical.

Install a script

The following solution is intended for two types of people. The first type is if you ever know your code. Indeed, you can quite simply create its auto-clicker script for yourself.

In addition, if you want, you will be able to customize it with your needs. Otherwise, for some games for example, there are auto-clicker scripts that have already been implemented by the community and come in handy.

The big advantage of these scripts, as we have just told you, is that they promise to go further in customization. To launch them, you must download an extension, Tampermonkey and follow the directions below.

  • Open Tampermonkey and create a new script.
  • Copy paste your script.
  • Save.
  • Launch Tampermonkey on the desired page.

Automate clicks on mobile phones

So far, we have certainly seen how to install an auto-clicker, but the solutions that we gave you, they only work on a computer and today, a lot of browsing is done via mobile phones.

For these, as often, we will have to make a distinction between at from at Apple and those running under Android which will not have the same functioning vis-à-vis these auto-clickers.

The first step on Android, it's'install click wizard app-Auto Clicker on your mobile. Then launch it, it asks you for rights. You must absolutely accept because otherwise, this application will not be able to work.

Once it's done, you just have to launch it and use it on the page you want. You won't have any other problem, which won't necessarily be the case if you have an Apple mobile.

Auto-clickers on iPhone

Because yes, basically, it is important to point out that Apple brand mobiles are not really fans of auto-clicker applications. You can download some from the store, but they usually don't work.

At least, if you want to launch them, you will have to go through them. It is therefore impossible to use them in the background on a Safari page for example. It is therefore much less practical than on computer and Android.


Now you know everything there is to know about auto-clickers and how to simulate mouse clicks on specific places on your screen even when you are not even in front of it.

As you have seen, it is quite simple to implement and most of the options we have given you do not require any knowledge of the computer world to operate.

It is therefore up to you to choose the one that seems to suit your needs best. Moreover, nothing is prohibitive and you can even install several according to what you intend to do, each one having its strengths and its weaknesses.