Kali Linux released, the successor to Backtrack 6

Kali linux
Kali linux

Last updated: October 16, 2023

Great news for hackers and Backtrack fans, version 2018.4 is finally out!
In the past 7 years, we have seen five impressive releases of Backtrack Linux. But this time, to achieve higher goals, the team decided to quit backctrack to give birth to a new version called kali.

Kali took over from Backtrack, which was based on Slackware until version 3 and then Ubuntu from version 4.
Kali's goal Linux is to provide a distribution grouping together all the tools necessary for the security tests of a network.

Among the novelties of the Kali distribution, we find:

  • Kali Linux is based on Debian
  • All packages included in Kali are supported by any Debian
  • The kali repositories synchronize with the official Debian repositories, 4 times a day so that the distribution is always up to date.
  • You can easily create your own customizations of Kali to have an ISO that best suits your needs.
  • Kali Linux now works on ARM architectures like Samsung Chromebooks.
  • Added Wireguard VPN, which is a powerful VPN solution that makes it easy to configuring a VPN.


You can download Kali Linux on their beautiful new site. Once again, to be able to connect, enter the login "root" is the password "toor".

Happy Hacking 😉

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