How do I know if an email has been read on Gmail?

gmail tracking
gmail tracking

Last updated: January 2, 2023

When you send an email, do you find yourself checking your inbox every two minutes for a response?
You find yourself posting on search forums wondering “ how to get a read receipt on Gmail?  " or " How do I know if the person has read the email? »

This information can be obtained through a third-party application which will be grafted onto the Gmail interface. Dans cet article, we will see two methods that allow you to track your Gmail emails in a quick and easy way!

How do email tracking tools track your emails?

Before showing you how to tell if someone has read your email, we'll look at how email tracking tools work.
All the email tools mentioned above, when used, put a smaller invisible tracking pixel of size 1*1 to emails you send using their plugins or software. So when your recipient opens the email, you will be informed that your email has been opened/read.

Find out if an email has been read on Gmail with MailTrack

Thanks to the extension mail track, you will be able to track your emails and know if your email is read !

With MailTrack, you get double information. On the one hand, you can know if emails sent from your Google email account have been read and, on the other, avoid being tricked into receiving an email. Additionally, installation is simple and ensures 100% privacy.

How does it work?

This free extension for Chrome MailTrack adds a very useful function to your Gmail box by informing you if your contact has opened and read your email... They will not know anything about it.

From the Chrome browser, go to the Mailtrack site and click on the button Install for free.

Arrived on the Webstore chrome page, activate the Add to chrome button and finally click on Connect with Google.

Grant the necessary permissions for the extension to access your Gmail inbox.

From now on, the messages you send are accompanied by a double green checkmark visible in Sent messages as soon as your correspondent has opened them.

mail track

The paid version of the extension offers some additional functions such as monitoring clicks on links included in your emails.

When you send a message, MailTrack adds a small invisible image that will be activated each time the recipient opens the email. When the recipient receives the email, he simultaneously opens the image which then sends you the read acknowledgment signal.

The only drawback of this extension is that it doesn't work every time. Indeed, if the recipient has blocked the images contained in the emails, the process will not be operational.

Find out if an email is read online with getnotify

The second method is to use an online service that will help you track sent email. A good example is called getnotify.

Getnotify is a free service that allows you to find out if one of your sent emails has been read or not yet by the recipient. This is a good solution to avoid waiting for answers from people who we are not sure have received our email.

To use Getnotify, you must start with you register on the site with your email address and then start using the service.
To track an email, this is done via your webmail (gmail, yahoo, etc.) or your usual email manager.

After you register on the site, simply send your emails as usual by simply adding “”. at the end of the recipient's address.

For example, to track an email sent to "", send it to "".


All tracking details will then be available via your dashboard on the site.


I hope you learned how to tell if someone opened your email or not. Please share with us, what tracking tools do you use?