How to fix Google Map showing wrong location on iPhone ?

iphone location
iphone location

Today, phones have become real little computers that we can have in our pocket and it's very practical for a whole lot of things. Indeed, thanks or because of these smartphones, quite a few objects have disappeared.

For example, we can talk about an object that was a revolution at the time of its release and that today no one has it anymore, GPS. Indeed, although it was practical, it also had quite a few limitations.

One of the limitations was that the maps had to be updated by hand and could therefore be quite tedious. In addition, it was not always precise, with certain functionalities present today on smartphones missing, such as live traffic indications for example.

Therefore, quickly smartphones have replaced GPS in our everyday lives and this is still the case today. The problem is that if the location on Google Maps or Plans does not work well, it is difficult to have reliable routes.

Fortunately in this article, we are going to look into this problem by giving you some tips that can allow you to resolve Google Map which displays wrong location on iPhone in just a few minutes.

Have you enabled location?

The first thing we will see is if you have simply activated the location on your iPhone. It may sound silly, but there are several silly things you may not have done.

The first thing to check is to see if you have enabled the location setting.

Here's how to proceed:

  • Access to Settings > Privacy.
  • Then select Localization service.
  • Check that the functionality Localization service is activated.

If so, but the location is not precise, there is an option.

In fact, it has recently been possible to set up a precise location in the options and this could solve your problems if your Google Maps application tends to locate you a little further away than at home.

Finally, the last thing to check is that Google Maps has the rights to access your location. Usually you are prompted for this the first time it launches, but you can click no without paying attention.

To check this, here's how:

  • See you in the Settings.
  • Then scroll until you get to the application. Google Maps.
  • There, you will be able to check if the application has location permissions by clicking on it.
  • Select “ When the app is active » and check if exact position is enabled.

Are you on battery saving?

It may seem like a silly question, but are you below 20% battery. In fact on iPhone, it is possible to set up a battery saving mode when you go below this bar.

This world, it therefore cuts a lot of things and in particular the location to allow you to save as much battery as possible. Therefore, this may be the reason why you are having problems. So try disabling this mode to see if that fixes the problem.

Restart the application then the phone

Today, smartphones are used for almost everything in life, obviously, we tend to never really turn them off, which can sometimes cause a few small bugs from using it without rest.

Therefore, what we advise you to do first is to restart the application. To do this, open the task manager, by double clicking on the main button or starting from the bottom and stopping in the middle of the screen if you have a model without a main button.

Then close Google Maps and try opening it again to see if that fixes the problem. If this is not the case, what we will advise you is to try restarting your laptop altogether to see if things improve.

Try to reinstall Google Maps

If despite all this, Google Maps still does not want to work, it may be because the application has a file that has become corrupted in terms of location and it is therefore better to try a reinstallation.

Simply click on the app with a long press and choose to uninstall it. Be careful not to simply delete it from the home page as this will not solve the problem.

Then simply reinstall Google Maps and see if this installation was beneficial for you. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next update for the application to work again.

If nothing works, use the Maps app

If you are ever affected by a bug with the current version of Google Maps as we have just told you, you have no choice, you will have to wait for the next update. Luckily for you, there is an alternative.

Indeed, while waiting for Google Maps to work again, it is entirely possible for you to temporarily go through theApple Maps app which has a functioning that is quite similar to Google Maps.