How to place a pin on Google Maps?

drop google maps pin
drop google maps pin

Dernière mise à jour: 25 mai 2024

Who has not already used Google Maps and Google Earth when he was younger to find his house and zoom in, even a Street View next to it. But if it was fun software when we were kids, Google maps is a great tool today.

Indeed, thanks to this software, you can find in a few seconds everything you want about a business, find the right route with the different means of transport to access it and even use it as a GPS!

In short, it is software that is very complete if you know how to use it. The basis is to put a pin to be able to have all the information you want on a very specific point.

So in this article we are going to give you some methods for you learn how to place your pins on Google Maps depending on the platform you are going to use. Thus, you will be able to use the information transmitted to you and fully benefit from the services offered to you by this software.

In the end, you will simply become unbeatable on Google Maps and we guarantee that this software will become a lifeline for you during each of your trips that you will make!

Place a pin on the computer version of Google Maps

As we have just said, it all starts with putting a pin on Google Maps and for that, we will start by seeing how to do it on the computer version of the software.

For this, you will not have to download anything at all! In fact, you will simply have to follow these few steps:

  • Visit
  • Once it's done, enter the destination where you want to go, the Louvre for example.
  • Once you have typed in the search bar, the desired location, the software will take you there. This is where you will have to put a pin by simply left clicking on the place you want to visit.
  • A small gray pin icon will appear on the map and an information box will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will then have all the information at your disposal, whether it is the address, the telephone number or even the opening hours.

For quite a few tourist places, you will even have the opportunity to look at photos taken by Google Maps users who then decided to post them on the Google platform!

Drop a pin on the mobile version (iOS and Android)

For the mobile version of Google Maps, you do not have to download an application; However, since navigation is designed to be done on a computer, we will advise you to do so whether you are under iOS or Android !

Once it's done, I invite you to follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Google Maps app.
  • Search again using the search bar for the place you want to visit or where you want to go.
  • Once it's done, all you need to do is press the spot for two seconds for the pin to drop.
  • Here again, you will have the same training available as on the computer version of Google Maps.

Plot a personalized itinerary

But if having information on a place is good, what is even better is to see exactly how to get there and on top of that, the time it takes you to do it and Google Maps offers it too!

Indeed, you will be able to click on the small button “Route”That appeared and from there you can ask Google Maps to give you a complete route from the point you want.

But where the software is very strong is that it doesn't just give you driving directions. No, you will have the choice between car, public transport, plane if your destination is far away and Google Maps will even give you the estimated time if you want to reach this place on foot!

The best part of all this is that when it comes to public transport, we warn you of the time at which the next metro passes, for example in big cities, and we even give you the price that you will have to pay. to make this journey. In short, it is a valuable companion, even when you are moving within a large city to be able to plan your trips.

Finally, know that it is entirely possible to share a pin with your loved ones whether by email or by sending them the GPS coordinates directly to their phone from the application.