Find the location of your parking space with Google Maps

find car parking
find car parking

Do you often forget where you parked your car? Nothing is more annoying than walking around with your arms full of racing and not remembering the exact spot where you parked your car.

With Google Maps, this will never happen again! This app will remember where you parked your car. So when you're done shopping or visiting the city, just ask Google to guide you back to the car. Not bad is not it ?

How to record the location of your Parking space?

For memorize the location of your Parking space with Google Maps, nothing could be simpler:

  • Open the Google Maps app. Click on the centering rod to position Google Maps on your position.
  • Click on the blue dot that indicates your current location. Then click on "set as parking place". Your location will then be remembered.
  • The position of your car will be memorized by Google Maps for 24 hours or until you deactivate it manually.

Note that once the position of the car is saved, Google Maps can warn you of the duration of your parking since you left the car.

How to find your parking space?

To find your parking space, nothing could be simpler, open Google Maps and identify the P icon on the map. Click on " you parked near here Finally click on route.

If you have an iPhone, you need to allow Google Maps to locate you.

For that, go to Settings> Privacy> Location services and select the Google Maps app.

In the next menu, then choose "Always", so that Google Maps can continue to locate you even after you have closed the application.