Delete your search history on Facebook

delete facebook search history
delete facebook search history

Did you know ? Facebook keeps your entire search history on the social network. This allows you to optimize your future searches, and only you have access to it (well almost).

Very practical at first glance. Unless you have given your password to your spouse.

Normally, we have all one day done a search to find old friends, work colleagues, but also why not that young girl or young man we met at a party. On the other hand, what is dangerous is when we carry out a search, Facebook automatically records all our requests. In this case, anyone connecting to our profile can have access to our history.

If you're fed up with Facebook remembering everything you do and want to keep it low-key, here's a really easy way to clear your Facebook search history.

Delete your search history on Facebook

1) First of all, go to your Facebook profile.

2) Open your Personal History.


3) On the left column, under Likes and Comments, click on “More” then on “Search”.


This takes you to your search history. A (nearly) infinite list of your searches since you created an account. To delete it, nothing could be simpler: click on “ Clear searches"

You are protected from the curious. Well at least on Facebook. 😀

A simple and practical tip that could be very useful to you when Facebook updates its search bar which will now be “intelligent” by offering you suitable results.