The 7 best Facebook tips and tricks

facebook triks tricks
facebook triks tricks

With 2,7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is arguably the most popular social network around the world. We spend many hours a day there, yet Facebook still has some secrets to discover.

Fortunately, I share with you the 7 best facebook tips that you need to know. Master Facebook at your fingertips using these tips and hidden features.

Let's start!

Know the visitors of your Facebook profile

Everyone wanted to know who is visiting their Facebook profile one day. There is certainly no official way given by Facebook to know the visitors of its profile. However, it is possible to know your secret fans.

If you want to know more about who stalk your Facebook account, check out this article: Who is looking at my Facebook profile?

This trick is not officially provided by Facebook, but people still use it to verify visitors to their Facebook profile.

Accept or reject all Facebook friend requests at once

There are a lot of internet users who get many friend requests daily, especially girls, so it is so tiring to accept or reject friend request one by one.

So here is a Facebook trick that can solve your problem. You will need Google Chrome and extension Multiple Tools for Facebook. Click on your browser's toolbox icon.

This should take you to a page where all the tools are listed.

Then in the "Friends requests" section, click on "Incoming" to delete the friend requests you have received. Or on "Outgoing" to delete friend requests that you have sent.

Delete the mention "Seen" in the Facebook chat

The presence of the mention "Seen" in the Facebook chat can be annoying for some users. It is however a feature integrated within Messenger and it is impossible to deactivate it from the settings of Facebook.

However, there is a solution, rather confidential, to no longer notify the reading of a message. To find out more, I invite you to see this tutorial: How to deactivate the notification seen on the Facebook chat?

Delete all your Facebook messages with one click

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to delete all of its messages with one click. You have to do it one by one by selecting each conversation then clicking on Action> Delete messages. It's long and tedious.

If you need to delete all of your Facebook messages quickly, here's an extension for Google Chrome that will get the job done quickly and easily.

Just open Google Chrome, install the extension Fast Delete Messages, and it's done: you can now delete all your Facebook messages with one click.

Secure your Facebook account against hackers

It is quite astonishing that Facebook has over 600,00 hack attempts daily. Facebook is therefore the first social media site targeted by hackers.

It is easier and easier today to to hack a Facebook account. This is simply because many people don't bother to use the right tricks to secure their Facebook account.

If you are looking for a solution to not get your Facebook account hacked, read this article: protect against Facebook hacking.

Download Facebook Videos

It is very easy to download Facebook videos. On Facebook, there are many videos that people like to download, but Facebook does not offer the video download function.

So I am giving you a simple and easy method to download Facebook video without installing anything. For that, take a look at this article: download a Facebook video without installing anything.

Post an empty comment on Facebook

The next time one of your Facebook friends posts a status, you can go to their post and leave a blank comment. They will be intoned.

This little joke can be a great conversation starter! To leave a blank comment, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, then type "0173". Then release all keys and press Enter.