How to Delete Watch Video History on Facebook?

You may not know it, but when you watch a Facebook Watch video, all your data is stored by Facebook. This allows it to recommend more similar content to you.

Although Facebook does this to improve the user experience, it may be counterproductive for some.

Do you want to regain control of your privacy on facebook ? Want to stay discreet? Privacy matters to you? here's how clear your watch history on Facebook Watch in a few seconds.

On iPhone and phone Android

You can easily clear Watch video history on cell phone from your Facebook settings. Follow these steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Next to your icon notification , Press on three horizontal lines (Menu).
  • Go to Settings and privacy.

  • Press Shortcuts policy And click See your personal history.

  • Now select at the top Videos you watched.
  • Finally, press Clear viewing history.

On a desktop computer

  • Open your Facebook account through a web browser.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top left to access your Facebook profile page.
  • Tap the three dots icon, then select from the drop-down list Personal history.

  • Choose Videos you have watched.

  • You will see all Facebook video viewing history on the right side. You can click on a video to watch it again.
  • To delete a watched video, click on the icon of three points And click Remove to delete it from the history of videos watched on Facebook.

To clear your entire Facebook watch history, simply tap Clear history of watched videos in the upper right corner, then click Clear history watched videos in the pop-up window to confirm.

And There you go ! You now know how clear history viewing Facebook videos from your mobile device and computer. However, the deleted videos remain in the “ basket » for thirty days. Then will be automatically deleted from Facebook servers after 30 days.