Compress 4K video on your iPhone

compress 4k video on iphone ipad
compress 4k video on iphone ipad

4K is a digital image format having a very high definition greater than or equal to 4 pixels wide. It is qualified Ultra High Definition in Europe.

If you are short of space and you want compress your 4K videos on iPhone, note that it is possible to accomplish this task with a simple application.

Instead of transferring everything to his computer, compressing and then putting it back on the iPhone, use this free app.

I introduce you Smart Video Compressor. It is an application that allows you to compress 4K video  up to 80% of their initial weight.

The Smart Video Compressor app is rated 4.7 on the AppStore. It is free and allows you to compress your videos quickly and easily.

When compressing 4K video, you can reduce the file size over 70% to 80%. Video can be compressed to 720p or VGA.

How to compress 4K video on iPhone?

First of all download the Smart Video Compressor app.

After installing it, the Smart Video Compressor amp gives you three compression choices:

  • low quality,
  • medium (DVD)
  • HD (720p).

Then you just need to choose a video from the photo library and compress it.

At the end, you will get an optimized video so you will be able to save thestorage space on your iPhone.

During my test on my iPhone 7S Plus, the application saved me over 45% from 52 MB to 28 MB.

Note that even though the app is free, it doesn't change metadata or add watermark to your videos.