5 alternatives to ChatGPT

Last updated: April 4, 2024

Whether you're looking for a chatbot to help you write content, translate languages, or answer questions, Chat GPT is a great option. However, there are other equally capable alternatives that may meet your needs.

In this article we will find out five alternatives to ChatGPT. Indeed, each alternative has its own characteristics and can be useful for different things.

1. Gemini AI (Google AI)

Gemini AIDeveloped by Google, is undoubtedly the best alternative to ChatGPT. In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, this can change quickly, but Gemini AI is one of the best options today.

Indeed, it is difficult to find a chatbot as creative, logical and precise as Gemini AI. Indeed, it stands out for its factual accuracy and its ability to generate high-quality text.

Gemini AI also excels at finding information and writing informative content.

Recently, it has been equipped with new capabilities that allow it to generate high-quality AI images, similar to what ChatGPT currently does. Furthermore, it is available for free.

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2. Copilot (Microsoft)

Microsoft Copilot, formerly Bing AI Chat, presents itself as the second best alternative to ChatGPT.

Using OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, it combines results from the web, the GPT-4 model and Microsoft technology to provide accurate and up-to-date results.

Additionally, just like ChatGPT, Copilot can also generate stunning images using the model image generation GIVE HER, although sometimes the quality of the images seems to be less attractive than those generated by DALL-E on ChatGPT.

Additionally, Copilot is closely connected to the Internet, allowing it to provide real-time information on trends and events. Therefore, it offers more relevant answers than your usual ChatGPT in many situations.

Currently, anyone can access the Microsoft Copilot version for free to experiment with GPT-4. This is possible by visiting the copilot.microsoft.com site or by using the Edge or Chrome browser directly. The only prerequisite for individuals is to have a Microsoft account

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Now let's move on to the third option on our list: YouChat. This tool works thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence models GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 from OpenAI, just like Copilot from Microsoft.

To access the capabilities of the GPT-4 model, you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription of 20 euros. However, it is possible to try the chatbot with a few credits GPT-4 free.

Without subscription to YouChat Pro, your requests will be processed by the model GPT-3.5, a little older. Although it provides similar results as Free ChatGPT, these are often briefer and summarized using live Internet data.

In addition to providing conversational responses in the style of ChatGPT, YouChat can also act as a search engine, providing you with a list of links to relevant web pages based on your search.

Finally, be aware that although YouChat uses OpenAI's GPT models, it also includes proprietary technology to improve the results provided by the underlying model. This guarantees users always up-to-date information.

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4. LM Studio

Having looked at the first two alternatives, let's now look at the third option on our list, LM Studio.

This tool is a little different from the others on our list, as it is open source and requires installation on your computer. Indeed, it works locally without requiring an internet connection.

In addition, it works on macOS, Windows and Linux, allowing us to very simply download LLMs (Large Language Models) and run them locally. So we can chat with these models via chat, just like we would with ChatGPT.

But that's not all, since the tool offers tons of adjustment possibilities to optimize the model.

And of course, the feature that interested us the most was the possibility of running a local server which serves an API identical to that of ChatGPT. This allows us, without a lot of changes to our code, to seamlessly switch from OpenAI services to local AI.

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5. HuggingChat

Let's end our list with a French open source alternative to ChatGPT, who is HuggingCat.

Its specialization in the French language, combined with its ease of access and great development flexibility, make HuggingChat attractive to users looking for interactions in French.

Launched in fall 2022, it quickly gained popularity, with millions of daily users.

Like ChatGPT, HuggingChat can create various types of text content, such as summaries, letters, emails, poems, code, scripts, and more. Plus, he can answer your questions informatively, even if they are open-ended, difficult, or strange.

When it comes to performing tasks, you can ask him to do simple tasks, such as translating text, writing an email or compose a piece of music. Additionally, HuggingChat offers developer tools, such as code generation and debugging, making it an attractive option for developers.

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