Change the Windows session password without knowing it

change the windows session password without knowing it

Sometimes we forget the password for a computer session. Or we would like to change it but we don't know the original password.

The method is very simple, for this you must already be connected to Windows.

Go to the start menu, click on "Run". And type cmd. you have to run the command prompt in administrator mode.

If you want to know the list of the different users present in the computer, type the command net user .

After type net user username * to delete or reset another password. Here you have to indicate the username of your computer that you want change password.

There is another method that only works in Windows XP, and that is if the PC is turned off.

To do this, all you have to do is enter the Administrator session, which is a special session, most users put a password on their session, but forget to put it on the Windows administrator session.

The Administrator session gives access to all the powers of the machine. Including the one that allows remove passwords from accounts without knowing it. It is accessible by default only in safe mode.

By default, there is no password. If there is one and you didn't put it on, you can try "admin"Or"Administrator" Where "Windows"

If it works, then you can remove the password from the user account. Then restart your computer, let Windows start normally, then you can use your session!