The best cross-platform games on Android

More and more games offer the possibility of cross-platform play, that is to say on different media. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect example of this new fashionable versatility in the video game world, which can be transformed into a portable or home console.

Thanks to new technologies, in particular the incredible progress of smartphones, it is now possible to play on your computer, then continue the game on your phone, far from home.

The smartphone can perfectly serve as a game console today

Zoom in on the cross-platform games on Android that will never leave you.

Among Us

Le phenomenon title from the InnerSloth studio skillfully mixes player versus player, cooperation and puzzles, all sprinkled with a game system greatly inspired by Werewolf. In a spaceship, a crew faces the arrival of one or more impostors who have only one mission, to eliminate them. The members of the vessel will therefore have to ensure the good performance of the trip and perform tasks in the machine while trying to spot intruders.

Playable on smartphone, computer and all the latest generation consoles, the game is entirely cross-platforme and therefore offers the possibility for everyone to join a game regardless of the game medium.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The card game from the legendary firm Blizzard is also a game that allows you to confront players on different media. Here, it will be the smartphone, the touch pad and the computer mainly. Playing a lot on the bluff and the composition of a deck of cards, this strategy game which borrows many mechanisms from poker has become one of the benchmarks in the game of « deck building since its release in 2014.

For those who like more traditional card games like poker, a platform like PokerStars offers the possibility of playing on a computer, in virtual reality thanks to a helmet, but also on smartphone, all while keeping his account.


Minecraft has become, over the years, a true legendary game in the gaming community, even for those who have never played it. The rather crude pixel game has nevertheless been able to seduce a good part of the video game community with its almost infinite game possibilities. Whether on multiplayer or solo servers, Minecraft is one of those games that sets principles and lets the community invent universes and worlds on top of it.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, that is to say, it highlights the inventiveness of players to create

Results ? More 200 million copies sold in the world. The game claims no less of 18 different supports, ranging from consoles to smartphones, tablets, computers, small notebooks, and many others. A cross-platform that will always find a world or players that suit you.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

This is a survival game that has been talked about for its artistic direction and its very atypical universe. Having already had great success on consoles and players' computers, it is now also available on smartphones to experience an adventure full of mysteries. Playable in cooperation with friends, the principle will be simple: to feed, to stay, and to survive the multiple dangers of the environments. An excellent game that also offers the possibility of finding friends regardless of the medium they use.

PUBG Mobile

The popular game for Battle Royal fans is available on almost all media to offer wild and nervous games. With a cross-platforme efficient that plays on the graphics and the resolution so as not to suffer from too many slowdowns in game, it is obviously an excellent choice if you like this genre. 

Be careful though, the game compatibilities are only between consoles or smartphones, in this case Android and IOS. You will therefore not be able to play with one of your friends on a computer if you are on a smartphone. Competitive being the heart of the gameplay of this game, computer players would have been greatly favored, both in game performance and in the comfort of gameplay and connection speed Internet.