The 5 Best Emulators Android

emulator android
emulator android

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

The emulators Android are intended to operating system virtualization Android on a computer (Windows, OSX or Linux).

Initially this function is necessary during the testing phases of mobile application developers. Then the popularization of certain mobile games created vocations among the emulators Android and some have positioned themselves in this specific “game player” niche.

Here are 5 best emulators Android currently on the market.


BlueStacks is the emulator Android best known among users ofAndroid to play games Android on PC.

Present on the market since 2012, its latest version includes emulation for Android Nougat 7.1.

The emulator supports downloading apps from the Google Play Store, browsing the internet, and other pre-installed emulated apps.

THEemulator Android Bluestacks is available for Windows 10 and Mac and presents itself as an alternative way to play games available on Android.

Official download site

Android Studio

Android Studio is theemulator Android free published by Google for mobile application developers.

It includes a complete integrated development environment for mobile applications Android. This development environment incorporates a debugger and an emulator.

This emulator has the advantage of being particularly complete, stable and continuously updated by Google. On the other hand, it is complex to install and takes up a lot of disk space and machine resources.

It is without hesitation the most complete emulator currently available on the market.

Official download siteAndroid Studio


Xamarin is a free development software suite created in 2011 in the United States. It is an integrated development environment aimed at mobile application developers.

In 2016, the company carrying the project was bought by Microsoft. This takeover transforms Xamarin software into building blocks integrated into the Visual Studio development suite and the .NET framework.

As this is an environment intended for the development of mobile applications, theemulator Android Xamarin is cumbersome and complex to configure.

Xamarin official download site

Nox Player App

Nox is a emulator Android developed since 2015 which comes to us from Hong Kong. It has also slipped into the gamer niche for games Android. Nox is available on Windows 10 and Mac. In its latest version, it includes version 7.1.2 ofAndroid.

Official Nox Player Download Site

memo play

memo play is a emulator Android which is also involved in the game emulators niche Android. Created in 2015, Memu competes with Nox Player for the title of emulator Android the fastest: fluidity is one of the essential aspects for the game. Memu Play is offered free of charge on the platform Windows 10/64-bit; no Mac or Linux version.

Memu Play official download site