Increase internet connection speed on Android

increase android internet connection speed
increase android internet connection speed

Last updated: January 27, 2023

Do you find that your internet connection is different from the “theoretical” speed which is indicated on the contract of your access provider? It is undoubtedly necessary tooptimize your internet connection on Android.

Increase Android internet connection speed, it's possible.  Here I will give you some tips to load web pages faster and download files faster.

Limit synchronization of apps on your phone

First, and arguably the most important, you need to optimize your data flow. Your smartphone is permanently connected to unnecessary services (Calendar, weather forecast, mailbox, Google Play Music, etc.).

 Note that when you are not using your smartphone these applications continue to synchronize their data in the background. This can of course have an influence on your connection speed.

You can limit this synchronization at least when you are connected to a mobile network.

For it :

  • Go to Parameters
  • Then go to Use of data : you will see a list of applications at the bottom
  • Select each application and choose Limit background data.
Limit mobile data usage

You can also deactivate this synchronization partially, temporarily or completely by going to the settings / Accounts, then, in google, tap on the account to modify, you can uncheck the services to desynchronize to increase your bandwidth.

Google Account Management

Install a faster web browser

Dolphin interface

To increase android internet connection speed, you can also opt for a faster browser. Dolphin with its Jetpack plugin should do the trick. This will be used to optimize the rendering of pages in HTML5.

Disable or uninstall unused apps and widgets

Most apps and widgets are relatively benign, but some use a ton of data when running in the background. A good example is Facebook.

The first step is to remove any widgets from your home screens that you don't use. They are usually the biggest offenders and it is easy to let them go.

How to remove Widget on Android?

Just tap and hold the widget and drag it to the Delete icon at the top of the screen. This will not remove the app from your phone, but will simply remove the widget from the home screen and make it inactive.

To completely remove an application, you need to access the Applications menu. From there, the procedure may vary from device to device. Sometimes you can just tap and hold, but usually you have to find the menu button and tap on Change or Remove apps.

Some apps cannot be deleted. These applications are placed on your phone by the manufacturer, by Google or by your operator.

Download performance enhancing apps

Apps that remove clutter can help keep phones in peak operating condition. There are many performance enhancers. Here are two:

  • CCleaner: Cleans your phone's RAM and frees it from all background app activity. It can also delete junk files, reclaim space, and monitor your system.
  • Avg Cleaner : cleans and organizes your phone and can also reduce battery consumption. It will free up memory and stay charged longer with longer battery life.

If you have the time and patience, you can do almost all of the above apps tasks. This involves clearing your phone's cache, making sure apps aren't running unnecessarily in the background, and deleting files you don't need. It can help you feel more in control and avoid deleting something you'd rather keep.

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