The 5 characteristics of a good gaming phone

choose a good gaming phone
choose a good gaming phone

Last updated: September 23, 2023

For several months, the video game industry has been the one that has experienced the greatest growth in the entertainment world. Now everyone plays video games and there is no longer any divide or other cliché that gamers all look the same. Men, women, young people, alumni, graduates, non-graduates.

Everyone plays video games and this is particularly due to the democratization of this world. 

Because, if the world of video games is still king on console and computer media, the video game aspect has been included above all with ordinary people in recent years by making its appearance on mobile.

: The biggest games are also on mobile
The biggest games are also on mobile

Huge potential now

Video game publishers quickly understood the potential of this field. By reaching out to a wider range of players, including people who had never played video games in the past, they could take a new step and step forward in their development, experiencing a versatility unknown in the past.

In turn, the companies making mobile phones have taken this market even further than one might imagine by developing some phones in a way that makes them intuitive for video games..

The best on the market have become small computers in power and sometimes have nothing to envy the largest consoles on the market, especially because of the clever and intensive development on the part of the publishers.

Just look at recent versions of battle royale like Warzone or Fornite to understand how the work is pushed and unanimously praised by mobile gamers. Sports games are not immune to this frenzy either. Football with FIFA games has made the feverish sport well known on the fields, also popular behind the smaller gaming screens.

To play these last mentioned games and other blockbusters present on mobile and take advantage of all the visual and other characteristics gameplays, several technical data will need to be fitted to your phone.

Which ones?

A substantial battery

To be able to play without having to worry about too much energy, a good battery is obviously recommended. When making your choice on your future mobile phone suitable for gaming, this must be a factor to take into account between the pre-selected models. 

Check the battery power, but also the opinions of different users. Sometimes the theoretically advertised life and charge time is not at all the same during intensive use with applications as energy intensive as mobile games.


You will not have missed it, all or most modern phones come with touch screens. Interface at the origin of the interaction between the player and the game directly, the touch will have a preponderant part in the way of playing and in the sensations obtained.

Make sure you get a phone with the best possible touchscreens installed in it. Bad touch can quickly be hell to write a simple message, so imagine when you try to play on it ...

The processor

Among the characteristics to check, that of the processor will probably be the most important. Without a powerful, reliable and general quality processor, it will be impossible to enjoy the most demanding games and even less to have fun. Sometimes, it will simply be impossible to access applications in the normal way if the processor and GPU are not keeping up with the demands of the game.

Power is paramount
Power is paramount


RAM or RAM is not only to be taken into account for multitasking taking place on your smartphone. According to principles similar to the processor, it will allow the player to enjoy a fluid universe and never altered by the other tasks incurred on your phone.

With insufficient RAM, the slightest download or the simple reception of a notification can jeopardize the good performance of a game, which must of course be avoided during a game on mobile.

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