Find out if a torrent download is legal

torrent files are they legal or not
torrent files are they legal or not

Between independent films, certain documentaries or free software, it is not always easy to know whether a particular file French torrent is legal or not.

Of course when it comes to a blockbuster picked up on Cpasbien, pw or, there is no room for doubt, but if you ask for example if you can calmly download Steak this Film (a documentary on the property intellectual) so how do we know?

Well to answer this, there is TorrentTags, a site which simply asks you for the hash or .torrent and which will dig into the bases of its own listing provided by the rights holders to tell you if this or that torrent is “legal”. ".

To do this, go to ! Place the .torrent file or paste the identification hash and do Submit. If you see a small green dot, the download is legal!


After a test that I did on several torrent files, I can say that TorrentTags still needs to prove itself in terms of usefulness and reliability. But the principle is interesting, because, if it works, TorrentTags could ultimately be an incredible resource for protecting BitTorrent users.