The 5 best hosting platforms for your Discord bot

More and more people are turning to Discord in recent years and need a discord bot for their server. In this article, you will be told how to host it and why to do it if you want to create one.

Because yes, if the platform was originally seen to be a gaming platform, things have evolved a lot since then. We have clearly moved to a platform used by many people to communicate.

Except that to add features that are not always present, we had to find a way. This means are the famous Discord bots which we will talk to you about in more detail in this article.

What is a Discord bot?

Let's start by seeing together what a Discord bot actually is. These are computer programs that can be integrated into a Discord server to add additional features. They can be used for many, many things.

Overall, understand that they can do actions like every user, but you'll be able to automate all of that. Thus, they can, for example, help moderators in their task by replying to inappropriate messages or by blocking users.

Besides moderation, they can have a more playful aspect. For example, we can cite those that allow you to stream music on your server. One can also find reward bots that can be used to reward users for their activity on a Discord server, such as messages posted, reactions given or hours spent.

What is the point of placing it on a hosting platform?

Now that we know what these Discord bots are, let's see why it is better to put them on a hosting platform. The first reason is that otherwise you have to host them on your own computer.

So, in itself it is possible, but it requires a lot of computer knowledge and especially equipment. So the hosting platforms appear as a solution that seems to have been found.

Already hosting platforms generally have robust infrastructures, specially designed to guarantee the constant availability of the service. This means that the bots will work reliably and stably, even with peak traffic. However, not all hosts are equal in terms of performance, hence this article.

In addition, note that generally hosting platforms have user interfaces that have been created to facilitate the management and configuration of Discord bots. This allows users to focus on development rather than server management. It's still quite a needle of the foot to withdraw not having much to draw from this side!

Sparked Host, the number one to host your Discord bot

When talking about hosting sites for Discord bots, there is one name that seems to come up quite often, that of Sparked Host. Indeed, the latter has managed to establish itself as one of the best services of the moment.

One of the big strengths of this host is simply that it has an interface that is very intuitive and will allow you to put your Discord bot online in just a few minutes.

The other big highlight is that you have a 48 hour trial offer. If the service does not suit you, then you can request a refund. Finally, the host also has tools to help you create your bots. It is therefore a service that is very complete!

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XGaming Server, one of the best Discord bot hosts

When talking about good hosts on the market, it's hard to miss XGaming Serv, which is one of the best. Indeed, you will only need to install a FTP software like Filezilla.

Once the files have been sent to the host, you are guaranteed that your Discord bot will be online in less than 5 minutes. It is therefore quite simple and above all fast to make it available via this web host.

As for the cost of this hosting, count $2.50 per month. Knowing that as is the case with Sparked Host, you can benefit from a 48h trial once you have taken out a subscription.

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Pebble Host, a secure host

One of the big selling points of Pebble Host is the fact that with a subscription to this service, you already have Discord bots at your fingertips that come pre-installed, which can be useful.

As for the service offered, one of the strong points of Pebble Host, in addition to the fact that it is quite easy to put your bot online, is the fact of being able to configure a dual factor authentication.

In addition, you will be able to follow the data in real time, which is also very practical. Regarding the price of this host, it is $3 per month and does not benefit from a free trial period!

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GamerServer Kings, manage your Discord bot in a relaxed way

One of the promises of GameServer Kings is to manage everything for your bot. So, of course, you can access the live console to see if any issues arise, but the rest is up to the host to handle.

As for the price that is proposed, we will again be on $3 per month. However, this time you can have a trial offer. Be careful though, this offer is limited to 24 hours and not 48 as before.

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Something Host, a solution at a low price

Finally, the last service that we are going to present to you is that of Something Host. Their strong point is that they offer a lot of variety in terms of accepted code languages, which means that any Discord bot will be usable.

In addition, Something Host is designed to be used easily via an interface that will give you control over your bot in a very simple and above all very intuitive way! Finally, it is one of the most affordable services at $1.50 per month.

Visit Something Host

Here, we have presented you with the different options available to you if you ever want to get started in the world of Discord bots and are currently looking for a host for the latter. As usual each has its advantages and disadvantages and we therefore let you choose the one that suits you best according to your needs.