Why two-factor authentication isn't as secure as you think

two-factor authentication flaw
two-factor authentication flaw

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Two-factor authentication is a great solution for secure access to your online profiles. It must be said that it is the most used solution after the simple password, which nowadays is clearly not enough.

Even though this two-factor authentication is a secure solution, it would be a serious mistake to believe that it is foolproof. But then what to do if even this method is not perfect ? Don't panic, we explain the risks to you so that you can prevent them.

Understanding two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is now widely known. More and more websites requiring the creation of an account offer this secure connection solution.

Double factor because you will need to complete two steps before logging into your account.

Usually, the first step when connecting is the classic use of a password. By stopping here in a classic system, anyone with your password could possibly log in. This is where the second factor comes into play.

The second method of identification varies depending on the options offered by the system and your choice. It may be a code received by SMS or email, your fingerprint or a facial recognition.

What are the flaws in two-factor authentication

We repeat, two-factor authentication is a great protection method for signing in to your various online accounts. However, you can be the target of malicious people who will not be held back by this.

Here is the methods used that can overcome two-factor authentication.

The Sim Swap

Literally thesim card exchange is a method that is unlikely to work, but can wreak havoc if successful.

To do this, a third party calls your operator and tries to pass through you in order to have your number transferred to their phone. For this, he will be asked for a password, or an answer to a secret question. If this person has this information, he will have access to your number and will be able to receive the SMS required for double authentication.

For more information on the Sim Swap attack, check out this article: SIM Swaping: hack a SIM card easily.

Theft of your phone

It is a much less subtle method, but the theft of your phone or the fact that you take your eyes off it for a while may allow someone to use it. To protect yourself, remember to configure a locking of the latter so that no one can get into it.

The man-in-the-middle attack

It is difficult to anticipate this kind of attack because most of the time it goes unnoticed. THE'man-in-the-middle attack consists in intercepting the data that you exchange with the site on which you connect.

To avoid this type of attack, do not use a public Wi-Fi network. On the contrary, favor theVPN usage that encrypt your data, which will make even the most tenacious of hackers give up.

The loss of your access

Using an alternate method forces you to think twice before making a change. For example, if you change your phone number and the old one is disabled, you might not be able to connect. Same thing if you use an email address that becomes inaccessible overnight. Before making any changes, make sure that there is no impact on your connection methods.

There you are, now you all know about two-factor authentication flaws. Taking this into account, you will be able to use this method with a rested head and in a completely safe manner.