Recover your wifi password under windows easily

recover your wifi password under windows easily
recover your wifi password under windows easily

Dernière mise à jour: 17 mai 2024

Forgot your Wifi password? Do you need to recover your wifi connection password to share it with your friends?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to recover your Wifi password under Windows in just one minute. Before starting, you must be logged into your session Windows as administrator.

Recover your Wifi password with WirelessKeyView

To recover your wifi password, you need to download and install a software called WirelessKeyView.

WirelessKeyView is a program for recovering WEP and WPA encryption keys from Wi-Fi networks saved on your computer. The program is free and portable. It allows you to list networks and display the key type, the key in hexadecimal and ASCII formats, etc. The operation is carried out with just one click.

Once launched, WirelessKeyView allows you to display all the wireless network passwords saved on your computer from the configuration services of Windows.


Decode from the wifi key provided by the Programs

Sometimes the WirelessKeyView program provides the wifi key only in hexadecimal format. It will therefore be necessary to convert it to ASCII in order to obtain the password in plain text. To perform this conversion, you can do it via this online service.

convert hex

Congratulations ! You can now use your mot de passe to connect other equipment to your Wi-Fi network.

Download WirelessKeyView