How to Keep Track of Your Phone Calls, Even on iPhone


You want to save a phone conversation about your work ? Do you want to keep track of the shopping list that your partner gave you in a phone conversation? Or you receive threats and you might want to keep a record to present it to the authorities ?

There are solutions for all types of cell phones: Android et iOS. Read this article to learn how to record a phone conversation.

Is it legal to record your telephone conversations?

Before we show you how to record your call, this question should be answered. Indeed, it would be a shame to be the victim of legal proceedings for your action.

In France, it is illegal to record a telephone conversation without the consent of all stakeholders. This means that if you record a phone call, you must inform the other person and obtain their consent.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

  • Recording is permitted if one party is a journalist and is recording an interview. This allows journalists to guarantee the veracity of their information.
  • Recording is also permitted if the recording is carried out for security reasons, for example in the event of threats. This allows the person concerned to protect themselves in the event of attack or harassment.

For other cases, it is therefore important to ask for the consent of the other person before recording a telephone call. You can do this by saying something like, "I'm going to record you, is that okay?"

It is also important to ensure your warning is clearly audible on the recording. This will prove that the other person consented to the recording.

1) Save your phone conversations as Android

If you have a smartphone Android, I advise you to download the application All Call Recorder on Google Play.

Using the Call Recording application

After selecting your theme, you can enter your cloud credentials (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) for store records outside of your phone. Of course, this is optional.

By default registrations are automatic. In the settings, you can also configure the audio source, the capture format or authorize recordings via Bleutooth.

You can find all your recordings via the main menu "Mailbox"which also gives you the possibility to add annotations or even share your files.

These recordings will go to the Saved tab of the application. You are free to listen to them, share them or put them in your cloud.

2) Record phone conversations on iPhone

While very often somewhat biased applications are kept away from the store by Apple, I found Call Recorder Free. Unfortunately, where our application Android has almost all the options in free mode, you will have to pay to be able to listen to more than 1 minute 30 of conversation or send the data by e-mail.

Call Recorder is the best way torecord calls under your iPhone !

It also allows you to download and share recordings by email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox

Hope this tutorial is helpful to you. If you had any problem you can share it in the comments section, I will help you solve it. And if you want to know how to spy on a user's Whatsapp messages, I invite you to watch this article: spy on whatsapp messages without software.