Plex: site to watch full movies for free and legally

site to watch full movies

Last updated: December 31, 2022

Are you fed up with illegal Streaming sites? Are you looking for a site to watch full movies but free of charge and especially légalement, I present to you then plex: the legal streaming site.

What is Plex?

plex is a service of streaming as Netflix but without paid subscription. It offers hundreds of movies and won't charge you anything. The other point of view : watch an advertisement about twenty seconds before the chosen video, on the Youtube model.

The platform is accessible on the main media: AndroidIOS, Windows, Linux or Smart TV (and perfectly legal).

The movies are shown in Full HD quality (1080p). Of course, no recent series or cult movie just yet, but Plex promises the collection will gradually grow over time.

The offer in the United States is much more attractive, with more popular works such as Terminator, Appocalypse Now or Lord of War. With a VPN, you could benefit from the American catalog much more interesting than the French catalog.

How to use Plex?

First of all go to Plex on your computer or download the Plex app for mobile since Google Play (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the App Store. Once the application has downloaded, click on the link 'S'inscribe» and sign up for a new account.

After your first login, you will get a preview of the film catalog.

Then, just type the name of the movie or series in the search bar. You will be presented with a list of links.

Finally select the link of your choice and start watching the video.

Note that each time you launch a film, a message warns you that Plex will share with advertisers the advertising identifier of the device you are using, with the aim of “providing the most relevant advertising content possible ". You must click on “ I agree " to can watch a video.